Do you have workers’ compensation questions related to the COVID-19 coronavirus?

Medical Treatment Rights

Even if you think your injury is minor, you need to make sure that you understand and protect your rights to medical treatment and weekly benefits. Many times, what seems like a minor injury can become a much more serious one.

It is important to know your rights because the workers’ compensation laws in Georgia can be confusing and complicated. For example, you might have some of the following questions:

You need to get good medical treatment to recover from your injury. To do that, you need to know the answers to these questions.  You need to understand the panel of physicians and how to change doctors.  You need to know what you can do if the insurance company denies your medical treatment.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys have written articles that provide information about all different aspects of workers’ compensation medical treatment.  Many people find it helpful to review these articles to get more information.

Just let us know if you have any specific questions or need more information.  You can call us at (770) 214-8885 for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.


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