Do you have workers’ compensation questions related to the COVID-19 coronavirus?

Workers Compensation Income

After an injury on the job, you need to know whether workers’ compensation will pay you benefits for missed time from work.  The short answer is yes.  Workers’ compensation covers “lost wages” due to a work-related injury. But, when, how much, and for how long will the insurance company pay you? For some information about these questions, take a look at our article about temporary total disability benefits.

What if I can still work but I make less money because of my injury?

Georgia workers’ compensation law does pay benefits for partial disability.  There are two types.  One is a wage loss benefit.  The other is a permanent impairment benefit. The partial wage loss benefits are called temporary partial disability (TPD).  The partial permanent impairment benefits are called permanent partial disability (PPD).

Should I get workers’ compensation income in the form of a settlement?

Most people with workers’ compensation claims end up receiving a settlement.  But settlements work differently than most people think.  Workers’ compensation attorney Jason Perkins discusses this in the video below:
You need to make sure you understand your workers’ compensation income rights. Also, be sure to understand your other Georgia workers’ compensation rights as well. Take a look below and at the other sections of our website for more information.  Or, just let us know if we can help.


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