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What Do GA Workers’ Compensation Forms Mean?

Many have experienced it; it’s the moment you realize you’re injured. It’s a moment filled with panic, dread and confusion, especially if it happens on the job. If your injury happened in Georgia, you will probably end up receiving a form in the mail that says “Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation”.  Many people wonder what these forms mean. You first need to understand is that the State Board probably did not send you these forms.  The insurance company probably sent them to you.  The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation just creates the format for the forms.

Do you need to do anything when you receive these forms?

It depends.  Georgia workers’ compensation uses many different forms.  Some just notify you that the insurance company has started paying benefits.  Others notify you that the insurance company will attempt to reduce your benefits like the Form WC-104 workers’ compensation attorney Jason Perkins discusses in this video:
Our workers’ compensation attorney have also written articles that provide information about many of the different types of forms that you might receive. Just be sure not to take a chance with your case.  If you have any doubt about what the form means or whether you need to respond. give us a call at (770) 214-8885.  One of our workers’ compensation attorneys will be happy to talk to you for free.


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