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Should I Settle My Georgia Workers Compensation Case?2 minute read

436751400_42777e881d_zNot all cases of workers’ compensation are as valuable as you might think. For example, if you broke your arm, but it is going to heal normally in a few weeks and you will be able to return to work as normal, it might not be in your best interest to hire representation, there might be more to lose than gain.

But if you cut your finger, it becomes infected, and the infection results in a finger that is permanently disfigured/disabled preventing you from performing your job, there might be a good case.

After all, there are many jobs that require dexterity in your digits. If the injured person is a chef, they might not be able to perform in the same capacity ever again.

The difference between the two situations, the broken arm and the disfigured finger, is the duration of time the injury will affect your ability to perform your job just like before the injury. In the case of a finger that has nerve damage, it is likely to permanently affect a chef’s job performance and future earnings. When someone has become injured or disabled due to a course of action at work, they not only have to live with the consequences, they also have to manage to make a living despite the new hardship.

1.) Lost Wages: Payments for lost wages are available to employees who are unable to work due to a “total” or “partial” disability. They are also payable to workers who, due to a temporary disability, are earning or are capable of earning less than they were making pre-injury.

2.) Specific Loss Benefits: These are payable to workers who permanently lose the use of a limb or appendage; their sight or hearing; or who have suffered a serious and permanent disfigurement of the head, face or neck.

3.) Medical Benefits: Covered claims will include payment for reasonable and necessary surgical and medical treatments that are provided by a physician or other healthcare provider. If they are deemed necessary, medical supplies, hospital treatment and services, orthopedic appliances and prostheses will also be covered. Employees may not be charged the difference between a healthcare provider’s fee and the amount paid by the em

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What if I have other questions about workers compensation?

Georgia’s workers compensation system can be very confusing.  You have to worry about getting the treatment you need and paying your bills while also worrying about not missing any deadlines that could cause you to lose your right to receive workers compensation benefits.

If you have questions, I would recommend that you try to get answers.  To find out more about how to schedule a time to talk to me about your workers compensation questions, just read this short article.

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