Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Myelograms and Discograms?

Hi there. My name’s Jason Perkins. I’d like to welcome you to another episode of my Georgia Workers’ Compensation Video Series. I’m an attorney that specializes in Georgia Workers’ Compensation Cases. I created this series to provide some helpful information about the rules in Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law and the benefits available to injured workers […]

How Can I Get Workers Comp Medical Treatment Approved?

One of the most surprising problems many people encounter in workers compensation is difficulty getting the medical treatment they need.  Medical treatment for your injury is one of the main things that workers compensations is supposed to cover.  But, many people have difficulty getting the treatment their doctor recommends. Your workers compensation doctor recommends treatment […]

Will the Doctor Determine My Permanent Partial Disability Rating?

Unfortunately, some serious injuries sometimes do not completely heal.  Even with good medical treatment, serious injuries often cause some amount of permanent impairment.  Sometimes this permanent impairment is reduced strength.  Other times it is reduced range of motion. Georgia’s workers compensation system considers permanent impairment from an injury when deciding what workers compensation benefits you […]

Can I Get a Workers Compensation Second Opinion?

Georgia workers compensation covers the medical treatment you need for your injury, but there are limits on what it covers.  One limit is that you cannot just pick any doctor you want to treat your injury.  Most of the time, you have to pick a doctor off a list maintained by your employer or get […]

Will Workers Compensation Pay My Lost Wages?

When you suffer a serious injury at work, it affects your life in many different ways.  One of the ways it often affects you is with your job.  Your injury and the limitations that result from it may keep you out of work. The Georgia workers compensation system was set up to provide certain types […]

How Can I Get a Fair Workers Compensation Settlement?

Many people find it frustrating and confusing to deal with workers compensation.  Because you were doing your job, you find yourself dealing with an injury that causes you pain and makes it difficult to go back to work.  Often, it seems like the insurance company fights about paying for anything. Settlement of your workers compensation […]

How Can Workers Compensation Checks Stop?

Weekly workers compensation checks are one of the primary benefits provided by Georgia’s workers compensation law.  You can receive these checks for several different reasons: When your injury keeps you from working.  These checks are called temporary total disability benefits. If you are able to work but making less money because of your injury.  These […]

Do I Get a Penalty for Late Workers Compensation Checks?

If you are out of work as a result of an injury, it is very important that you receive your weekly checks on time.  You have bills that you need to pay.  Not receiving your checks on time can cause you to pay your bills late and result in late penalties. So what do you […]

Getting Workers Compensation Surgery Approved

You rightfully expect that the insurance company would pay for the medical treatment you need when you get hurt at work.  You would also expect that your workers compensation doctor would be the one making decisions about what treatment you need. Unfortunately, you may have to fight for the treatment you need.  One of the […]

What Happens if I Settle My Workers Compensation Case?

Almost everyone has heard about workers compensation settlements.  Lawyer commercials on TV often talk about them.  But, most people do not have a complete understanding of what a settlement is. You need to understand the decision you are making in order to make a good decision.  Before settling your workers compensation case, it is a […]

What Workers Compensation Benefits Can I Receive While Working?

Georgia’s workers compensation rules confuse many people.  These rules become even more confusing when you go back to work after an injury. Do your workers compensation benefits just stop when you get back to work? Many people with injuries go back to work even though they still have limitations.  With serious injuries, these limitations can […]

Workers Compensation and Short Term Disability

Married couple reads a letter about short term disability benefits

Today, I want to talk to you about another benefit that’s out there for people when they’ve been disabled as a result of an injury, and that is short-term disability. The question that often gets asked which is whether someone who has a short-term disability insurance policy can receive short-term disability in addition to workers’ […]

Will I Get Fired if I Settle My Workers Compensation Case?

A man in a hardhat has sharp pain in his knee as he stands up while at work

People often have questions about what a workers compensation settlement is and how it affects them.  One way that a workers compensation can affect you is your employment. Many workers compensation settlements require injured workers to quit their jobs.  This article discusses whether you have to quit your job when you settle a Georgia workers […]

What is Workers Compensation?

We have all heard the term “workers compensation”.  But, what does that term really mean? What the term means may not have mattered to you much until you were forced into the workers compensation system after an injury at work.  But then, you find yourself dealing with workers compensation, and you probably have many different […]

Does the Insurance Company Pick My Case Manager?

The term case manager means different things to different people in a workers compensation case. Sometimes, insurance companies will refer to the adjuster or claims manager on your case as a case manager.  That person is not technically a nurse case manager. The adjuster or claim manager is the person who makes decision for the […]

Can I Back Out of My Workers Compensation Settlement?

A man sitting on a couch review a letter about his workers compensation settlement

Most people have heard about workers compensation settlements.  They understand that settlement generally means payment of an amount of money to end a workers compensation case. But, many people do not understand the specific details of how settlements work.  One question that people often  wonder about is whether they can change their mind about a […]

What Can I Do If Workers Compensation Denies My Case?

The insurance company sends a letter denying your workers compensation case

Workers compensation was set up to pay benefits to you when you suffer an injury at work.  These benefits basically cover your medical costs plus time that you miss from work. Insurance companies do not always pay benefits when they should.  Sometimes, they deny part or all of your case. How does the workers compensation […]

How to Get Workers Compensation Surgery Approved

Doctor examines wrist of man who developed carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive work

After a serious injury, your doctor may say that you need surgery to have the best recovery.  Many people get frustrated because they run into a problem at this point when the workers compensation insurance company will not approve the surgery. If you find yourself in this situation, you probably have many questions: Does workers […]

How Delay Hurts Your Workers Compensation Case

You have probably heard the expression:  “Good things come to those who wait”.  Most of the time, that is good advice. But, it is not good advice when it comes to workers compensation.  When you have been injured or are disabled, waiting is almost never a good idea.  Here are some ways that wait and delay […]

When Do Workers Compensation PPD Checks Stop?

A man with a permanent impairment from a workers compensation injury has pain while standing up from sitting

Many people get a little confused when they start receiving permanent partial disability benefit (PPD) checks.  One of the main reasons for confusion is they do not understand why they are receiving these checks or how long they will last. Hopefully, this article will give you a better understanding of how long you will receive […]