What is Workers Compensation?

We have all heard the term “workers compensation”.  But, what does that term really mean? What the term means may not have mattered to you much until you were forced into the workers compensation system after an injury at work.  But then, you find yourself dealing with workers compensation, and you probably have many different […]

Does Workers Compensation Cover Mental Health?

Serious workers compensation injuries are life changing.  They cause pain.  They affect your ability to make a living.  It is not unusual that a serious work injury can cause you to need some treatment for depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition. Sometimes, you may develop a mental health condition without suffering a physical injury.  […]

Does GA Workers Compensation Cover PTSD?

  Many people suffer traumatic events while doing their job.  Some people suffer car crashes while driving.  Others witness other people suffering serious injuries.  Still others are robbed  or shot. Often, these traumatic events cause an individual to develop a psychological condition called post-traumatic stress disorder.  This condition is often known as PTSD. PTSD is […]

Can Workers Compensation Deny Me If I Was Negligent?

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Serious workers compensation injuries happen for many different reasons.  Sometimes, no one could have prevented the injury.  Other times, you might have avoided getting injured if you were being more careful. When someone tells you that you were not being careful enough after an injury, you probably will wonder whether the workers compensation insurance company […]

Does Workers Compensation Cover My Injury?

Some Georgia court decisions have allowed workers compensation insurance companies to deny coverage for injuries that occur at work

The basic idea of Georgia workers compensation is that it covers work-related injuries.  But, what does “work-related” mean? Usually, this mean that you suffer an injury at work.  After this injury, workers compensation pays for your medical treatment and pays you weekly benefits if your injury causes you to miss work. Unfortunately, some recent Georgia […]

How Knee Injuries Cause Problems Returning to Work

A serious knee injury can make it difficult to return to work

When you have a serious workers compensation knee injury, the recovery after that injury can be difficult.  Often, you need surgery and extended physical therapy.  Your knee injury will likely severely limit what you can do while you recover. How do you deal with working while you are recovering from a knee injury? What should […]

Knee Surgery PPD Benefits

Even a successful knee surgery can leave you with some degree of permanent partial disabilty

If you suffer a serious workers compensation knee injury, your doctor may recommend knee surgery.  Even after you have knee surgery, you may still have some permanent limitations as a result of your injury. In Georgia and many other states, workers compensation pays you some benefits when you have a permanent impairment as a result […]

Back Injury Workers Compensation Settlements

Serious workers compensation back injuries often require substantial medical treatment.  You may need physical therapy, medication management, and injections.  You could also require back surgery. As a result of the pain and limitations from a back injury, many people have difficulty going back to work.  This difficulty is increased if you work in a job […]

Will Workers Compensation Pay for Medical Treatment for a Shoulder Injury?

After a serious workers compensation shoulder injury, you need to understand Georgia's workers compensation rules to make sure you get the medical treatment you need

Serious shoulder injuries can cause you major difficulties.  They often prevent you from doing your job so you lose money because you are not working.  Also, you need good medical treatment to recover from the injury and get back to work. When a shoulder injury happens on the job, workers compensation should generally cover it.  […]

What If Workers Compensation Denies My Case

Even though you got hurt at work, the insurance company has denied your case.  Why do workers compensation insurance companies deny you the benefits you should receive? There are many answers to that question.  One reason that they may have denied your case is they believe it saves them money. Paying you benefits costs the […]

Can I Get Pain and Suffering in Workers Compensation?

Injuries are painful.  A workers compensation injury can cause you pain for week or months.  Some serious injuries cause pain that lasts for years. In Georgia, workers compensation covers you when you suffer an injury doing your job.  But, does it cover all of the harm that you incur as a result of that injury? […]

Does Workers Compensation Pay for Back Surgery?

Doctors often propose back surgery to treat serious workers’ compensation back injuries.  These types of back injuries often result in herniated discs that are diagnosed via an MRI or some other form of diagnostic testing. When back surgery is recommended after a work injury, many people have questions.  Some of these questions include: Does workers […]

What Neck Injury Medical Treatment Does Workers Compensation Cover?

When you suffer an injury to your neck at work, you need to make sure that workers compensation pays for the medical treatment you need to recover from your injury

If you suffer a serious neck injury at work, you need to make sure you get good workers compensation medical treatment.  A serious neck injury can limit your ability to work.  Making sure you get good treatment should improve your chances of recovering and returning to work. In addition to affecting your ability to work, […]

Foot and Ankle Injury Workers Compensation Settlements

Foot and ankle injuries can make it very difficult to return to work.  Primarily, they affect your ability to stand and walk.  Most jobs require you to do some amount of standing and walking. Even if you are able to stand and walk fine after your foot and ankle injury, you may find that more […]

Will 2017 Court Decisions Affect Your Workers Compensation Case?

When you get hurt at work, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a workers compensation claim.  There are certain rules that will apply to determine whether you get workers compensation benefits or not. In Georgia, those rules get created in three ways: The Georgia legislature passes new workers compensation laws The Directors of […]

Returning to Work after a Workers Compensation Neck Injury

What do you do after you get medical treatment for your workers compensation neck injury? Can you go back to work? What if you have problems doing the job? These are good questions, and I get asked them a lot.  With good medical treatment, serious workers compensation injuries can get better.  But, you do not […]

Do I Get a Settlement for My Workers Compensation Knee Injury?

When you injure your knee doing your job, you will probably have a workers compensation case.  Most people know something about workers compensation.  They may know that it pays for medical treatment and some of their lost wages. Many people also have heard of workers compensation settlements.  But, a lot of people do not know […]

Should I Settle My Workers Compensation Neck Injury Case?

Before settling your workers compensation case after a serious neck injury, make sure you understand what settlement is and the different factors you should consider

Many people have heard about workers compensation settlements.  But, they often do not understand exactly what settlement means or how it works. A serious neck injury can affect you for the rest of your life.  Some serious neck injuries that often occur at work are herniated discs or spinal fractures. There are other types of […]

What PPD Should I Get for a Back Injury?

Serious back injuries and back surgeries often result in some amount of permanent impairment.  Basically, this means that you do not have a full recovery. Permanent impairment could result from limited range of motion.  You might not be able to lift as much as you did before. Pain could potentially cause permanent impairment as well. PPD […]

Knee Injury Medical Treatment through Workers Compensation

Make sure you get proper medical treatment for your workers compensation knee injury so you can have a good recovery

Knee injuries can be some of the most difficult and frustrating workers’ compensation injuries.  They affect your ability to stand, walk, and squat. When you suffer a knee injury, getting good medical treatment is crucial.  Serious knee injuries may require surgery and other forms of medical treatment to help you recover. This article will discuss […]