How Back Injuries Cause Problems Returning to Work

Pain from a back injury often makes it difficult to return to physically demanding work

Many people experience lingering problems after workers compensation back injuries, even when they get good medical treatment.  In a workers compensation case, your treating doctor will likely consider your work status and restrictions at each medical appointment. Ongoing pain and other symptoms from back injuries can make it difficult for you to return to work. […]

Workers Compensation Benefits for Ankle Injuries

Seeing a doctor will help you determine what medical treatment you need for your leg injury

Many people suffer ankle injuries doing their job.  These injuries occur when you trip or slip on something on the ground.  Forklifts and other vehicles can also cause ankle injuries. A lot of people do not realize how difficult it can be to recover from a serious ankle injury.  Pain from this type of injury […]

Workers Compensation Benefits for Brain Injuries

Georgia's workers compensation law covers head and brain injuries, but there are special rules that apply which could affect your benefits

Head injuries causes serious and potentially long term consequences.  We have seen growing awareness of that with the increased concerns about the effects of repeated head trauma in football and soccer. If you suffer a head injury at work, you need to know how that can affect you and what benefits the workers compensation insurance […]

Does Georgia Workers Compensation Cover Preexisting Conditions?

If you have a preexisting condition, you need to know how Georgia's workers compensation rules apply to your case

We hear a lot about preexisting conditions in the news.  We hear debate about whether health insurance has to cover them. But, what about Georgia workers compensation insurance? Does it cover preexisting conditions? What is a preexisting condition? Basically, it is a medical condition that you already had.  It could be diabetes, high blood pressure, […]

Is Knee Surgery Covered By Workers Compensation?

Your workers compensation doctor tells you that you need knee surgery.  You probably have a number of questions. Does workers compensation pay for the surgery? Will the surgery cost you anything? Do you have to have the knee surgery? Can you get a second opinion? How long will it take to get the surgery approved? […]

Is Hip Replacement Covered By Workers Compensation?

An injury at work can cause you to need hip replacement surgery

Severe hip injuries cause excruciating pain.  They affect your ability to do just about anything including standing, sitting, and working.  In recent years, hip replacement has become a popular way to treat severe hip conditions. When your worker compensation doctor recommends hip replacement, that recommendation can create a number of different issues.  In this article, […]

Does Uber Pay Workers Compensation?

Many Uber and Lyft drivers have questions about whether they are covered by Georgia workers' compensation

Uber and Lyft have grown into billion dollar companies in a relatively short time.  Uber employs over 1 million drivers, and Lyft has over 100,000. Some Uber drivers suffer injuries in car wrecks.  Others may suffer an injury loading or unloading a customers luggage.  So, what happens when Uber and Lyft drivers suffer workers compensation injuries? […]

How 2016 Georgia Court Decisions Affected Workers Compensation

Georgia court decisions affect the rights of injured workers in workers compensation cases

The Georgia Supreme Court and Georgia Court of Appeals make workers compensation decisions every year.  Most of these decisions do two important things: They decide the legal issue or issues in that particular workers compensation case. They establish law (referred to as precedent) that judges apply in other workers compensation cases. Just like the Supreme […]

Do Safety Rule Violations Bar Workers Compensation Benefits?

If an injury occurs because of a safety rule violation, can the injured worker receive workers compensation benefits?

Many employer have safety rules they require employers to follow.  Sometimes, the employer has a manual that spells out the rules.  Other times, your employer just gives you instructions in writing. If you suffer an injury at work, your employer may try to claim that violating a safety rule caused your injury.  Can you still […]

Do Workers Compensation Injuries Cause Herniated Discs?

Many people suffer neck and back pain from herniated discs

Workers’ compensation back and neck injuries often cause herniated discs.  Many people have difficulty getting medical treatment or other workers compensation benefits for these injuries. This article provides information about a few different workers compensation issues for herniated discs: Common reasons workers compensation insurance companies deny claims for herniated discs Common medical treatments covered by […]

Rotator Cuff Surgery for Shoulder Injuries

People often have questions about what benefits workers' compensation pays for shoulder injuries

Workers’ compensation shoulder injuries often cause significant difficulties.  We use our arms a lot.  I did not realize how much I used my arms until I had a shoulder injury a number of years ago. Shoulder injuries make it difficult to work overhead.  Many people find it difficult to sleep or wash their hair.  Some […]

Getting Proper Medical Treatment for Neck Injuries

Serious neck injuries often cause people to miss work and need extensive medical treatment

Many people suffer neck injuries at work each year.  While some of these injuries are minor, many injuries can cause you to miss months or longer from work.  Some injuries require extensive medical treatment including surgery and other procedures. If you injure your neck and get medical treatment, the doctor may diagnose you with a […]

Do Armed Robberies Cause PTSD?

Many injured workers develop PTSD after experiencing a traumatic event at work

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects millions of Americans.  Many veterans suffer from it as a result of their service to our country.  Many of our countries first responders suffer from it as well as a result of trauma encountered on the job. Of course, work-related PTSD is not limited to first responders.  Many people experience […]

Crush Injuries at Work

Crush injuries occur when an object crushes all or part of a person’s body.  These types of injuries can cause serious problems.  Crush injuries to the whole body can be fatal.  Crush injuries to part of the body can cause permanent pain and disability. This article discusses different types of crush injuries.  This article also […]

Mind or Body: Caring for our Injured Veterans and Workers

VA has improved the benefits it provides to soldiers with PTSD and other mental health conditions

Our law firm represents injured veterans and injured workers.  Most veterans receive benefits for their service-connected injuries through VA.  Most injured workers receive benefits for their injuries through state workers’ compensation systems. Our nation’s veterans kept us safe.  VA is a promise to our veterans for the service they provide. Our nation’s workers are a […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Eye Injuries

workers compensation eye injury

Many people suffer workers’ compensation eye injuries each year.  In fact, over 2000 people injure their eyes at work every day. While many of these injuries are minor, some people go partially or completely blind as a result of work-related eye injuries. Understanding the special rules that apply to these types of injuries is important. […]

Spinal Cord Injuries

A doctor discusses spinal cord injuries with a patient

Approximately 17,000 people suffer spinal cord injuries in the United States each year.  These injuries usually require extensive medical treatment.  They also have permanent impacts on the lives of the individuals living with them. These injuries can cause death or paralysis.  They can affect almost every body system.  Even if an individual retains function, that […]

Can You Place a Value on a Pet (or a Finger)?

How do we value the life of a pet or our own lives?

The Georgia Supreme Court recently decided a case where a family’s dog died as a result of being given the wrong medication while being boarded.  The family sought to recover the for the life of the deceased pet.  The Georgia Supreme Court decided that the family could recover the animal’s fair market value plus expenses […]

Back Surgery – Georgia Workers’ Compensation

workers comp back surgery

Doctors often propose back surgery to treat serious workers’ compensation back injuries.  These types of back injuries often result in herniated discs that are diagnosed via an MRI or some other form of diagnostic testing. When back surgery is recommended, people often have questions.  They wonder whether they should have surgery. Many people believe that […]

What If I Make a Mistake and Get Hurt?

Usually, you can receive workers' compensation benefits even if an injury is your fault

Many people have good questions about injuries that happen at work.  We try to answer a lot of these questions in our PerkinsLawTalk blog.  Some examples of questions that we often get asked include: Can I see my own doctor? What benefits will I receive if I cannot go back to work? Can my employer […]