Light Duty Workers Compensation Jobs after a Shoulder Injury

Knowing the workers compensation rules in Georgia can help you make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you after your shoulder injury

All of us use our arms a lot.  You don’t think about it much, but you probably notice it when you injure your shoulder. I did not realize how much difficulty it caused to have a shoulder injury until l hurt my shoulder about 15 years ago.  A shoulder injury can make it difficult to […]

How Back Injuries Cause Problems Returning to Work

Pain from a back injury often makes it difficult to return to physically demanding work

Many people experience lingering problems after workers compensation back injuries, even when they get good medical treatment.  In a workers compensation case, your treating doctor will likely consider your work status and restrictions at each medical appointment. Ongoing pain and other symptoms from back injuries can make it difficult for you to return to work. […]

Light Duty Jobs – A Change in the Law

Light Duty Jobs

When your doctor releases you to go back to work after a work injury, your employer may offer you a light duty job.  If you have been injured, you probably want to get better and go back to work as quickly as possible.  Sometimes, though, you may be asked to come back too soon or […]