How Can I Get Workers Comp Medical Treatment Approved?

One of the most surprising problems many people encounter in workers compensation is difficulty getting the medical treatment they need.  Medical treatment for your injury is one of the main things that workers compensations is supposed to cover.  But, many people have difficulty getting the treatment their doctor recommends. Your workers compensation doctor recommends treatment […]

Can I Get a Workers Compensation Second Opinion?

Georgia workers compensation covers the medical treatment you need for your injury, but there are limits on what it covers.  One limit is that you cannot just pick any doctor you want to treat your injury.  Most of the time, you have to pick a doctor off a list maintained by your employer or get […]

Getting Workers Compensation Surgery Approved

You rightfully expect that the insurance company would pay for the medical treatment you need when you get hurt at work.  You would also expect that your workers compensation doctor would be the one making decisions about what treatment you need. Unfortunately, you may have to fight for the treatment you need.  One of the […]

What Workers Compensation Benefits Can I Receive While Working?

Georgia’s workers compensation rules confuse many people.  These rules become even more confusing when you go back to work after an injury. Do your workers compensation benefits just stop when you get back to work? Many people with injuries go back to work even though they still have limitations.  With serious injuries, these limitations can […]

Does the Insurance Company Pick My Case Manager?

The term case manager means different things to different people in a workers compensation case. Sometimes, insurance companies will refer to the adjuster or claims manager on your case as a case manager.  That person is not technically a nurse case manager. The adjuster or claim manager is the person who makes decision for the […]

How to Get Workers Compensation Surgery Approved

Doctor examines wrist of man who developed carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive work

After a serious injury, your doctor may say that you need surgery to have the best recovery.  Many people get frustrated because they run into a problem at this point when the workers compensation insurance company will not approve the surgery. If you find yourself in this situation, you probably have many questions: Does workers […]

How Delay Hurts Your Workers Compensation Case

You have probably heard the expression:  “Good things come to those who wait”.  Most of the time, that is good advice. But, it is not good advice when it comes to workers compensation.  When you have been injured or are disabled, waiting is almost never a good idea.  Here are some ways that wait and delay […]

Can I Get A Workers Compensation Second Opinion?

Getting good medical treatment is very important if you want to recover from a serious injury.  The Georgia workers’ compensation system provides a few ways to get evaluated by a different doctor in your workers compensation case.  Some of the ways you can do so are: Changing doctors on the panel of physicians Agreeing with […]

How Do I Choose a Workers Compensation Doctor?

When you get hurt, you need to see a good doctor.  We all know that medical treatment matters if you want to have a good recovery from a serious injury. Fortunately, medical treatment for your injury is one of the three primary benefits of Georgia’s workers compensation law.  Generally, you can get the treatment you […]

Does the Workers Compensation Insurance Company Control My Doctor's Appointments?

When you suffer a serious injury, you need good medical treatment to recover.  Because of this, the medical benefits provided under Georgia’s workers’ compensation law are some of the most important benefits in your workers’ compensation case. Of course, the ability to get the medical treatment you need is almost as important as the right […]

What Does a Panel of Physicians Look Like?

Your right to medical treatment is one of the most important benefits available to you under Georgia’s workers compensation law.  Medical treatment with good doctors should help ensure that you make the best possible recovery from your injury. So, many people want to know how they can treat with a good doctor in a workers […]

Do I Have to Attend a Workers Compensation FCE?

A husband and wife read a letter concerning the scheduling of a functional capacity evaluation for the husband's neck injury

After a workers compensation injury, you will need some medical treatment to recover.  Once your workers compensation doctor determines that you have recovered about as much as your are going to recover, they may start talking about performing a test to determine what you can do. At this point, your doctor may give you an […]

How to Get Workers Compensation Medical Treatment

Medical treatment and testing can often be the most important benefit provided in a Georgia workers compensation case.  To recover from a serious injury, you will need good medical treatment. Unfortunately, many people find it frustrating to get that medical treatment.  There are rules about which doctors can provide treatment and whether you get to […]

Fired after a Workers Compensation Injury

Unfortunately, Georgia workers compensation law does not prohibit your employer from firing you.  So, many people face the situation where their employer fires them sometimes after they get hurt at work. Your employer may give you one of a few different reasons for firing you.  They might fire you go because you cannot do your […]

Getting Workers Compensation Medical Treatment for Foot and Ankle Injuries

When you suffer a foot or ankle injury at work, the workers compensation insurance company should pay for the medical treatment you need. Find out more about Georgia's workers compensation medical treatment rules.

Getting the right medical treatment after a foot and ankle injury is important.  Ongoing foot and ankle problems make it difficult to work at jobs that require standing, walking, driving, balancing, and climbing. Getting the right medical treatment may also be difficult.  While there are many doctors who specialize in back, neck, knee, and shoulder […]

Can Workers Compensation Deny Physical Therapy?

What is physical therapy? Physical therapy is a common treatment after an injury at work.  Doctors often order physical therapy for back, neck, arm, and leg injuries. Physical therapy is often ordered shortly after an injury as an initial form of conservative treatment.  Doctors also frequently order it after surgery to aid with recovery. This article […]

Will Workers Compensation Pay for Medical Treatment for a Shoulder Injury?

After a serious workers compensation shoulder injury, you need to understand Georgia's workers compensation rules to make sure you get the medical treatment you need

Serious shoulder injuries can cause you major difficulties.  They often prevent you from doing your job so you lose money because you are not working.  Also, you need good medical treatment to recover from the injury and get back to work. When a shoulder injury happens on the job, workers compensation should generally cover it.  […]

What Medical Bills Does Workers Compensation Pay?

Georgia workers compensation covers most medical treatment you need for your injury, but there are special rules that you must follow to make sure your treated is covered

You will need good medical treatment to recover from a serious workers compensation injury.  Fortunately, the insurance company should pay for that medical treatment under Georgia’s workers compensation laws. The insurance company has to pay for that medical treatment, but there are special rules that apply.  This article will discuss many of those special rules […]

Does Workers Compensation Pay for Back Surgery?

Doctors often propose back surgery to treat serious workers’ compensation back injuries.  These types of back injuries often result in herniated discs that are diagnosed via an MRI or some other form of diagnostic testing. When back surgery is recommended after a work injury, many people have questions.  Some of these questions include: Does workers […]

What Neck Injury Medical Treatment Does Workers Compensation Cover?

When you suffer an injury to your neck at work, you need to make sure that workers compensation pays for the medical treatment you need to recover from your injury

If you suffer a serious neck injury at work, you need to make sure you get good workers compensation medical treatment.  A serious neck injury can limit your ability to work.  Making sure you get good treatment should improve your chances of recovering and returning to work. In addition to affecting your ability to work, […]