Workers Compensation Light Duty after an Ankle Injury

Many people get frustrated with foot and ankle injuries.  Serious injuries make it difficult to do many types of work. When an injury at work keeps you out of work or limits what you can earn, you may be entitled to workers compensation wage loss benefits.  These benefits are one of the three primary benefits […]

Does Workers Compensation Cover My Injury?

Some Georgia court decisions have allowed workers compensation insurance companies to deny coverage for injuries that occur at work

The basic idea of Georgia workers compensation is that it covers work-related injuries.  But, what does “work-related” mean? Usually, this mean that you suffer an injury at work.  After this injury, workers compensation pays for your medical treatment and pays you weekly benefits if your injury causes you to miss work. Unfortunately, some recent Georgia […]

Should I Report My Workers Compensation Injury?

Under Georgia's workers compensation law, you need to make sure and report an injury at work to make sure you receive workers compensation benefits

Some people worry about whether they should report an injury at work.  They have concerns over whether their employer will treat them differently or try to fire them. This article will discuss rules for Georgia workers compensation law.  It is important to know that different states have different workers compensation laws, so it is important […]

Getting Workers Compensation Medical Treatment for Foot and Ankle Injuries

When you suffer a foot or ankle injury at work, the workers compensation insurance company should pay for the medical treatment you need. Find out more about Georgia's workers compensation medical treatment rules.

Getting the right medical treatment after a foot and ankle injury is important.  Ongoing foot and ankle problems make it difficult to work at jobs that require standing, walking, driving, balancing, and climbing. Getting the right medical treatment may also be difficult.  While there are many doctors who specialize in back, neck, knee, and shoulder […]

What is the Georgia Insurers Insolvency Pool?

The Georgia Insurers Insolvency Pool often takes over a claim when the workers compensation insurance company goes insolvent

If you are reading this article, you have probably received notification that the Georgia Insurers Insolvency Pool has taken over handling of your workers compensation case.  That notification probably left you with a lot of questions. Before that happened, your workers compensation benefits had probably been paid by an insurance company.  Now, that insurance company […]

How Knee Injuries Cause Problems Returning to Work

A serious knee injury can make it difficult to return to work

When you have a serious workers compensation knee injury, the recovery after that injury can be difficult.  Often, you need surgery and extended physical therapy.  Your knee injury will likely severely limit what you can do while you recover. How do you deal with working while you are recovering from a knee injury? What should […]

Can Workers Compensation Deny Physical Therapy?

What is physical therapy? Physical therapy is a common treatment after an injury at work.  Doctors often order physical therapy for back, neck, arm, and leg injuries. Physical therapy is often ordered shortly after an injury as an initial form of conservative treatment.  Doctors also frequently order it after surgery to aid with recovery. This article […]

Knee Surgery PPD Benefits

Even a successful knee surgery can leave you with some degree of permanent partial disabilty

If you suffer a serious workers compensation knee injury, your doctor may recommend knee surgery.  Even after you have knee surgery, you may still have some permanent limitations as a result of your injury. In Georgia and many other states, workers compensation pays you some benefits when you have a permanent impairment as a result […]

When Will My Georgia Workers Compensation Check Stop?

When a workers compensation injury keeps you out of work in Georgia, you rely on the workers compensation check that the insurance company pays you.  This temporary total disability check replaces the wages that you lose when you are unable to work. But, Georgia law does have limits on how long the insurance company has […]

Back Injury Workers Compensation Settlements

Serious workers compensation back injuries often require substantial medical treatment.  You may need physical therapy, medication management, and injections.  You could also require back surgery. As a result of the pain and limitations from a back injury, many people have difficulty going back to work.  This difficulty is increased if you work in a job […]

What is a Workers Compensation Nurse Case Manager?

A few years ago, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation changed its rules about nurse case managers.  Since that rule change, nurse case managers are more common in workers compensation cases. If you have a nurse case manager on your case, you probably have some questions: What is the nurse case manager’s job? Who […]

Will Workers Compensation Pay for Medical Treatment for a Shoulder Injury?

After a serious workers compensation shoulder injury, you need to understand Georgia's workers compensation rules to make sure you get the medical treatment you need

Serious shoulder injuries can cause you major difficulties.  They often prevent you from doing your job so you lose money because you are not working.  Also, you need good medical treatment to recover from the injury and get back to work. When a shoulder injury happens on the job, workers compensation should generally cover it.  […]

What If Workers Compensation Denies My Case

Even though you got hurt at work, the insurance company has denied your case.  Why do workers compensation insurance companies deny you the benefits you should receive? There are many answers to that question.  One reason that they may have denied your case is they believe it saves them money. Paying you benefits costs the […]

What Medical Bills Does Workers Compensation Pay?

Georgia workers compensation covers most medical treatment you need for your injury, but there are special rules that you must follow to make sure your treated is covered

You will need good medical treatment to recover from a serious workers compensation injury.  Fortunately, the insurance company should pay for that medical treatment under Georgia’s workers compensation laws. The insurance company has to pay for that medical treatment, but there are special rules that apply.  This article will discuss many of those special rules […]

Bankruptcy and Workers Compensation

Should you consider bankruptcy as an option if you are having financial difficulty while getting workers compensation?

Workers compensation can cause financial stress and worry.  If you experience financial difficulty dealing with workers compensation, you may wonder whether filing for bankruptcy is an option you should consider. Sometimes, people who suffer a workers compensation injury already have a pending bankruptcy case.  Those people often have questions about what they need to do […]

What PPD Does Workers Compensation Pay for Neck Surgery?

You need to understand how PPD ratings work under the AMA Guides to make sure you get paid the correct PPD benefits for your neck surgery

Surgery may be necessary if you suffer a serious neck injury at work.  The decision about whether you need neck surgery and which type of surgery would be best for your should be made by you and your doctor. Doctors perform many different types of neck surgery to relieve pain from work injuries.  Some of […]

Can I Get Pain and Suffering in Workers Compensation?

Injuries are painful.  A workers compensation injury can cause you pain for week or months.  Some serious injuries cause pain that lasts for years. In Georgia, workers compensation covers you when you suffer an injury doing your job.  But, does it cover all of the harm that you incur as a result of that injury? […]

Why Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Settle Cases

Many people are confused by workers compensation settlements. Learning more about how settlements work should help you make a better decision in your case.

You probably have heard about workers compensation settlements.  Ads by attorneys on television often talk about person injury and workers compensation settlements. Those ads usually do not tell you a whole lot.  It often is just someone saying that their attorney got them a certain amount of money.  They do not explain why the settlement […]

Does Workers Compensation Pay for Back Surgery?

Doctors often propose back surgery to treat serious workers’ compensation back injuries.  These types of back injuries often result in herniated discs that are diagnosed via an MRI or some other form of diagnostic testing. When back surgery is recommended after a work injury, many people have questions.  Some of these questions include: Does workers […]

What Neck Injury Medical Treatment Does Workers Compensation Cover?

When you suffer an injury to your neck at work, you need to make sure that workers compensation pays for the medical treatment you need to recover from your injury

If you suffer a serious neck injury at work, you need to make sure you get good workers compensation medical treatment.  A serious neck injury can limit your ability to work.  Making sure you get good treatment should improve your chances of recovering and returning to work. In addition to affecting your ability to work, […]