How Do Workers Compensation Cases End?

Doctor examines knee brace of patient who has suffered an injury at work

How long will my workers compensation case take?  The answer to that question is not easy. It will likely depend on a number of different factors: Whether the insurance company denies your case or some of the benefits you should receive How severely you are injured What type of work you do Whether the insurance company […]

What is the Relationship between PPD Benefits and a Workers Compensation Settlement?

Permanent partial disability benefits are one of several types of benefits that are available in Georgia workers compensation cases.  Other common types of benefits include: Wage loss benefits (temporary total disability benefits and temporary partial disability benefits), and Medical benefits Many people have questions when they receive a permanent partial disability rating or start receiving […]

Does Workers Compensation Cover Mental Health?

Serious workers compensation injuries are life changing.  They cause pain.  They affect your ability to make a living.  It is not unusual that a serious work injury can cause you to need some treatment for depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition. Sometimes, you may develop a mental health condition without suffering a physical injury.  […]

Can I Get A Workers Compensation Second Opinion?

Getting good medical treatment is very important if you want to recover from a serious injury.  The Georgia workers’ compensation system provides a few ways to get evaluated by a different doctor in your workers compensation case.  Some of the ways you can do so are: Changing doctors on the panel of physicians Agreeing with […]

How Do I Choose a Workers Compensation Doctor?

When you get hurt, you need to see a good doctor.  We all know that medical treatment matters if you want to have a good recovery from a serious injury. Fortunately, medical treatment for your injury is one of the three primary benefits of Georgia’s workers compensation law.  Generally, you can get the treatment you […]

Does the Workers Compensation Insurance Company Control My Doctor's Appointments?

When you suffer a serious injury, you need good medical treatment to recover.  Because of this, the medical benefits provided under Georgia’s workers’ compensation law are some of the most important benefits in your workers’ compensation case. Of course, the ability to get the medical treatment you need is almost as important as the right […]

How Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Calculate Settlements?

People work on documents at a table in an office

Most people have a general idea of what a workers compensation settlement is.  But, what many people do not understand is how to reach a settlement and what the amount of a settlement should be. How do you get a workers compensation settlement? Probably the most important part to understand about a workers compensation settlement […]

What Are the Workers Compensation Check Rules?

One of the primary Georgia workers compensation benefits is a weekly check when your injury keeps you out of work.  This check is known as temporary total disability benefits.  It is meant to replace a portion of your lost wages. You can also receive other types of weekly checks from the insurance company known as […]

Do I Need a Workers Compensation Attorney?

“It depends.” That is the short answer to the question of whether you should hire a workers compensation attorney. Sometimes, you may not need an attorney after an injury at work.  This is often the case if you suffer a minor injury that does not require much medical treatment and are able to return to […]

What if I Get Injured on Workers Compensation Light Duty?

I often speak to people who have been placed on some sort of light duty work restrictions by their doctor after a workers compensation injury.  Some of the questions that people often have in this situation are: Does my company have to provide me with a job I can do? Do I have to accept […]

What Does a Panel of Physicians Look Like?

Your right to medical treatment is one of the most important benefits available to you under Georgia’s workers compensation law.  Medical treatment with good doctors should help ensure that you make the best possible recovery from your injury. So, many people want to know how they can treat with a good doctor in a workers […]

Do I Have to Attend a Workers Compensation FCE?

A husband and wife read a letter concerning the scheduling of a functional capacity evaluation for the husband's neck injury

After a workers compensation injury, you will need some medical treatment to recover.  Once your workers compensation doctor determines that you have recovered about as much as your are going to recover, they may start talking about performing a test to determine what you can do. At this point, your doctor may give you an […]

Is the Amount of My Workers Compensation Check Correct?

The amount of your weekly workers compensation check is very important.  You rely on this check to pay your bills when you are out of work as a result of an injury.  You will want to make sure that the insurance company pays you the correct amount. How does the workers compensation insurance company decide […]

When Will Workers Compensation Start Paying Me?

A couple worries about medical bills after a workers compensation injury

Serious injuries often force people to miss work.  Sometimes, your injury may keep you from working for a week or two.  Other times, an injury can keep you out of work for months or years. When your injury is covered by workers compensation, the workers compensation insurance company pays you “lost wage” benefits when your […]

Must I Hire an Attorney to Settle a GA Workers Compensation Case?

A man wonders whether he has to hire an attorney to settle his workers compensation case

Many people have questions about workers compensation settlements.  The information that you receive about what a workers compensation settlement is and how it work can be confusing. I have written several articles that talk about workers compensation settlements to try to help provide information.  In this article, am going to address a question that I […]

Does GA Workers Compensation Cover PTSD?

  Many people suffer traumatic events while doing their job.  Some people suffer car crashes while driving.  Others witness other people suffering serious injuries.  Still others are robbed  or shot. Often, these traumatic events cause an individual to develop a psychological condition called post-traumatic stress disorder.  This condition is often known as PTSD. PTSD is […]

How to Get Workers Compensation Medical Treatment

Medical treatment and testing can often be the most important benefit provided in a Georgia workers compensation case.  To recover from a serious injury, you will need good medical treatment. Unfortunately, many people find it frustrating to get that medical treatment.  There are rules about which doctors can provide treatment and whether you get to […]

Can I Make Workers Compensation Pay for Pain Management?

All too often, serious work injuries result in injured workers suffering some amount of lifelong pain.  I attribute much of this to the problems that Georgia’s workers compensation system continues to have with delay and denial of medical treatment.  When you cannot get the medical treatment you need quickly, you could end up suffering from […]

Can Workers Compensation Deny Me If I Was Negligent?

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Serious workers compensation injuries happen for many different reasons.  Sometimes, no one could have prevented the injury.  Other times, you might have avoided getting injured if you were being more careful. When someone tells you that you were not being careful enough after an injury, you probably will wonder whether the workers compensation insurance company […]

Fired after a Workers Compensation Injury

Unfortunately, Georgia workers compensation law does not prohibit your employer from firing you.  So, many people face the situation where their employer fires them sometimes after they get hurt at work. Your employer may give you one of a few different reasons for firing you.  They might fire you go because you cannot do your […]