How Long Does a Workers Compensation Settlement Take?

Many people have questions about how Georgia workers compensation settlements are approved and how long it takes

Georgia workers compensation settlements require approval.  This means that you and the insurance company cannot just agree to settle your case.  For a settlement to be official, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation has to approve your agreement. Many people have questions about how the approval process works.  In this article, I will discuss […]

What is a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)?

Many people have questions about whether they need to have a Medicare set-aside as part of a workers compensation settlement

A Medicare set-aside (MSA for short) is a mechanism sometimes used in settlement when Medicare might have an interest in your workers’ compensation case.  Generally, funds from settlement create the Medicare-set aside account.  An injured worker then uses those funds after settlement to pay for medical treatment for the work injury. I do not intend […]

How LTD, Social Security, and Medicare Affect Workers’ Compensation Settlements?

Man holding a settlement check

This is the final article in a series of blog posts on settlement of a Georgia Workers’ Compensation claim.  The previous articles in this series have discussed what settlement is, when you should consider settlement, and some basic factors to consider when considering settlement.  This article will discuss additional factors to consider when considering settlement […]