Getting My Workers Compensation MRI Scheduled

Even when your authorized treating physician orders an MRI, you may have difficulty getting the workers compensation insurance company to approve it

Your doctor ordered an MRI to diagnose your injury.  But, the workers compensation insurance company has not authorized the MRI. So, you are stuck in limbo because you cannot get better until the doctor can get the test and diagnose your injury.  What do you? Unfortunately, I hear about these problems much more often than […]

Workers Compensation Benefits for Ankle Injuries

Seeing a doctor will help you determine what medical treatment you need for your leg injury

Many people suffer ankle injuries doing their job.  These injuries occur when you trip or slip on something on the ground.  Forklifts and other vehicles can also cause ankle injuries. A lot of people do not realize how difficult it can be to recover from a serious ankle injury.  Pain from this type of injury […]

Workers Compensation Benefits for Brain Injuries

Georgia's workers compensation law covers head and brain injuries, but there are special rules that apply which could affect your benefits

Head injuries causes serious and potentially long term consequences.  We have seen growing awareness of that with the increased concerns about the effects of repeated head trauma in football and soccer. If you suffer a head injury at work, you need to know how that can affect you and what benefits the workers compensation insurance […]

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

People who develop carpal tunnel syndrome often have difficulty doing their jobs.  Repetitive activity with their arms often causes them to have pain and numbness.  Some people find it difficult to do fine motor activities with their hands and fingers. Carpal tunnel can also affect your sleep.  You may not get good sleep because you […]

Can I Fight a Coventry Notification of Non Certification?

Many people find workers compensation utilization review letters confusing

If you are reading this article, you have probably had some medical treatment recommended by your doctor in a workers compensation case.  Then you received a letter or an email from Coventry notifying you that the medical treatment was not certified. Your first question was probably, “What in the world does this mean?” Most of […]

New 2017 GA Workers Compensation Medical Treatment Rules

The Form WC-PMT provides an option for overcoming the insurance company's delay and denial of your medical treatment

Georgia’s injured workers too often cannot receive timely medical treatment for their work injuries.  When your treating doctor recommends certain medical treatment, you should not have to wait months or longer to get that treatment. Unfortunately, insurance companies have taken advantage of a system which allows them to delay and deny workers compensation medical treatment. […]

Can Workers Compensation Force Me To Go To Their Doctor?

While they may try to tell you otherwise, the workers compensation insurance company normally cannot force you to go to their doctor for treatmetn

How do you know which doctor to go to after you get hurt at work? What often happens after somebody gets injured at work, and they report injury to their employer, is their employer tells them, “You’ve got to go down to the urgent care clinic or the occupational doctor.” They may tell you, “This […]

Will Workers Compensation Pay Someone To Follow Me?

The workers' compensation insurance company may hire a private investigator to try to develop evidence to deny your claim

I refer to is as “surveillance”.  A private investigator parks near your house or some other location where they suspect you will be.  Once they see you, they observe you.  They follow you around  and takes pictures and video of you. You have probably heard the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Unfortunately, […]

Cliff Perkins Celebrates 40 Years Practicing Law In Georgia

Cliff Perkins has fought for the rights of the injured and disabled for 40 years

All of us at Perkins Studdard want to congratulate Cliff Perkins as he celebrates his 40th year practicing law in Georgia.  Cliff has devoted most of that 40 years to fighting to get justice for Georgia’s injured workers.  He has successfully tried workers’ compensation cases in all levels of the courts, including the Supreme Court […]

Getting Orthopedic Treatment after a Workers Compensation Injury

If you are reading this, you probably find yourself in an unwanted situation.  You have suffered a serious injury at work.  Now, you need to get medical treatment so you can recover from that injury. Georgia’s workers compensation law has rules about what the workers compensation insurance company must pay on your behalf.  Today, I […]

Will I Receive a Settlement at a Workers Compensation Mediation?

I often discuss mediation with my clients.  When I do this, I almost always ask them if they know what a mediation is. Some of them have a basic understanding of mediation.  Others are not familiar with mediation at all. In this article, I will discuss what mediation is generally and talk specifically about what […]

Does Workers Compensation Prevent Me From Getting a Job?

Many people have questions about whether a workers compensation injury prevents them from returning back to work

Many people who suffer a serious injury at work have questions about the rules of Georgia’s workers compensation law.  Many of these questions focus on two main areas: Getting medical treatment so they can recover from their injury What happens under Georgia’s workers compensation law if an injury affects their ability to work In this […]

What Is a Nurse Case Manager?

A nurse case manager may send a letter letting you know that the insurance company has asked them to work on your case

Georgia workers compensation is confusing.  You suffer an injury at work and you suddenly find yourself thrown into this system that you never wanted to be a part of. You talk with people from your employer and the workers compensation insurance company.  These people often give you information about what you need to do.  You […]

Why Do Insurance Companies Settle Cases?

Understanding why insurance companies settlement workers compensation cases will help you decide how you should approach settlement of your case

What is a workers compensation settlement? Many people have heard about settlements.  You might know someone who settled their case.  Television commercials by attorneys often discuss settlements. Basically, a settlement is an agreement between two sides to a dispute to resolve that dispute.  In workers compensation, this agreement is usually between you and the workers […]

Can Workers Compensation Deny My Medical Treatment?

The workers compensation insurance company's denial of medical treatment often prevents you from getting the treatment you need

I talk to many people who have suffered injuries at work.  Most people who call me have had difficulty getting the workers compensation medical treatment they need. Often, the insurance company has denied some or all of their medical treatment.  Medical treatment is one of the primary benefits provided in a workers’ compensation case. Basically, […]

Does Georgia Workers Compensation Cover Preexisting Conditions?

If you have a preexisting condition, you need to know how Georgia's workers compensation rules apply to your case

We hear a lot about preexisting conditions in the news.  We hear debate about whether health insurance has to cover them. But, what about Georgia workers compensation insurance? Does it cover preexisting conditions? What is a preexisting condition? Basically, it is a medical condition that you already had.  It could be diabetes, high blood pressure, […]

Is Alabama Workers Compensation Unconstitutional?

Many of my clients complain about the fairness of Georgia’s workers compensation laws.  From my perspective, those laws definitely favor employers and insurance companies instead of injured workers. Each state has its own workers compensation system.  State legislatures usually create these systems by passing a set of laws known as a workers compensation act. Alabama’s […]

Scheduling a Workers Compensation Doctors Appointment

You may find it difficult to schedule a workers compensation doctors appointment after your injury

You would think that scheduling a workers compensation doctors appointment would be pretty easy.  After all, you just call and schedule an appointment to see the doctor when you get sick. Unfortunately, the Georgia workers compensation system makes it a little harder than just using your health insurance.  Before we talk about that further, I […]

Why Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Settle Cases

Most people have heard about settlement of case.  Ads by attorneys on television often talk about person injury and workers compensation settlements. Those ads usually do not tell you a whole lot.  They do not talk to you about what a settlement is.  They also do not discuss why insurance companies settle cases. To understand […]

The Workers Compensation Doctor List

You need to know about the workers compensation doctor list to pick a good doctor to treat your injury

In Georgia, you have choice over which doctor treats your workers compensation injury.  To know what your choices are, you need to get the workers compensation doctor list. Georgia law requires your employer to post the workers compensation doctor list.  The formal name for this document is the “panel of physicians”. Many people have questions […]