Beating Insurance Company Medical Treatment Denials

Workers' compensation insurance company medical treatment denials can make it difficult to recover from an injury

Probably the most common reason people call me is medical treatment denials.  These denials come in several forms: An actual denial – “We are denying payment for your surgery.” A partial denial – “We will approve your medical treatment but you have to have it with a different medical provider.” A medical delay – “We […]

Depression and Anxiety from a Work Injury

Depressed man sitting on couch after workers' compensation injury

Injuries almost always cause pain.  Pain often makes people feel depressed.  Pain can also cause lack of sleep.  Lack of sleep can also cause depression. Many people take a lot of pride in the work they do.  Limitations from a serious injury can often keep you from doing your job.  A serious injury may also […]

Mileage Costs Payment – GA Workers’ Compensation

Mileage Costs

The mileage costs associated with buying gas to drive back and forth to the doctor can add up quickly.  You may find that you have to drive many miles to see a good specialist for treatment.  You may have to go to physical therapy several times a week. You would not have had these costs […]

Light Duty Jobs – A Change in the Law

Light Duty Jobs

When your doctor releases you to go back to work after a work injury, your employer may offer you a light duty job.  If you have been injured, you probably want to get better and go back to work as quickly as possible.  Sometimes, though, you may be asked to come back too soon or […]

When Will My Temporary Total Disability Benefits Start?

The insurance company should pay temporary total disability benefits when you cannot work after an injury

One workers’ compensation benefit is temporary total disability or TTD benefits.  These are benefits for lost wages.  The insurance company pays they when you are unable to work because of your injury. Also, if you return to work but are making less money because of your injury, you receive benefits for your reduced earnings.  These […]

What Does A Permanent Partial Disability Rating Mean?

Arm injuries

We often get calls or e-mails from injured workers.  They have received a permanent partial disability benefits check in the mail paying them a lump sum of money after the doctor has given them an impairment rating.  They wonder why they are getting a check and what it is paying. Many of them have concerns […]

What Will I Get From a Free Consultation About Workers’ Compensation?

What will I get from a free consultation? A free consultation with one of our workers’ compensation attorneys will provide you with at least three things: We can put together a summary of the important facts of your case for you.  You can use this summary regardless of whether you decide to hire us or […]

What is a Workers’ Compensation Case Settlement?

Jason Perkins discusses settlement of a workers' compensation case

Are you entitled to a workers’ compensation settlement? That is a good question that many people ask me. The short answer to that question is that you are not necessarily “entitled” to a settlement.  Most people who are injured at work do end up receiving a settlement, but a settlement is something different than what […]

Can I Change My Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

Man on crutches wonders about changing doctor

Getting good medical treatment is very important.  It helps you recover from a work injury. Sometimes, the first doctor you treat with will not provide the treatment you need.  You may need to change doctors to recover from your injury. This article covers your right to change doctors after the initial selection of a doctor […]

Do I Have To Go To The Workers' Comp Doctor?

Many people have questions about whether they will receive fair treatment from workers' compensation doctors

Many people refer to the doctors who provide medical treatment for work injuries as workers compensation doctors.  Some people use the term “company doctors”. In Georgia, injured workers are often told that they must go to the doctor that the employer or workers’ compensation insurance company chooses. This is not the case the case. Do […]

How Do You Get A Catastrophic Designation?

Getting a catastrophic designation is important to make sure you receive the benefits you should

As an attorney specializing in workers’ compensation cases, I know that most seriously injured workers would agree that their accidents have had a catastrophic effect on their lives. They are in pain; They receive less money per week than before their injury; and, They often cannot get the insurance company to pay for the medical […]