The Difference Between TTD and PPD Benefits

Many people have questions about the differences between temporary total and permanent partial disability

You may receive temporary total and permanent partial disability benefits after a work injury.  Many people receive both of these benefits.  Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always pay these benefits at the correct time or in the correct amounts. Most people just want to receive whatever benefits they should.  But, many people find it difficult […]

Is Hip Replacement Covered By Workers Compensation?

An injury at work can cause you to need hip replacement surgery

Severe hip injuries cause excruciating pain.  They affect your ability to do just about anything including standing, sitting, and working.  In recent years, hip replacement has become a popular way to treat severe hip conditions. When your worker compensation doctor recommends hip replacement, that recommendation can create a number of different issues.  In this article, […]

How 2016 Georgia Court Decisions Affected Workers Compensation

Georgia court decisions affect the rights of injured workers in workers compensation cases

The Georgia Supreme Court and Georgia Court of Appeals make workers compensation decisions every year.  Most of these decisions do two important things: They decide the legal issue or issues in that particular workers compensation case. They establish law (referred to as precedent) that judges apply in other workers compensation cases. Just like the Supreme […]

Temporary Total and Temporary Partial Disability

Temporary total and temporary partial disability benefit checks pay injured workers for lost wages

The lost wages checks you receive from the insurance company often cause confusion.  The checks or the check stubs will talk about temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, or permanent partial disability. You may have difficulty figuring out if you are getting the right check.  Sometimes, the checks do not even have the complete terminology. […]

Late Workers Compensation Checks

Insurance companies can have to pay late penalties when they do not send workers compensation checks on time

The insurance company has a duty to pay you a workers compensation check when your injury prevents you from working.  Georgia law provides that the insurance company must pay that check on a weekly basis. I can tell you that many insurance companies fail to pay on time.  Some miss weeks.  Others do not mail […]

Rotator Cuff Surgery for Shoulder Injuries

People often have questions about what benefits workers' compensation pays for shoulder injuries

Workers’ compensation shoulder injuries often cause significant difficulties.  We use our arms a lot.  I did not realize how much I used my arms until I had a shoulder injury a number of years ago. Shoulder injuries make it difficult to work overhead.  Many people find it difficult to sleep or wash their hair.  Some […]

Getting Proper Medical Treatment for Neck Injuries

Serious neck injuries often cause people to miss work and need extensive medical treatment

Many people suffer neck injuries at work each year.  While some of these injuries are minor, many injuries can cause you to miss months or longer from work.  Some injuries require extensive medical treatment including surgery and other procedures. If you injure your neck and get medical treatment, the doctor may diagnose you with a […]

Crush Injuries at Work

Crush injuries occur when an object crushes all or part of a person’s body.  These types of injuries can cause serious problems.  Crush injuries to the whole body can be fatal.  Crush injuries to part of the body can cause permanent pain and disability. This article discusses different types of crush injuries.  This article also […]

Fired After Returning to Light Duty Work

Many people are concerned that their employer may fire them while they are working a light duty job

Most people just want to get back to work as quick as they can after getting hurt at work.  Unfortunately, employers do not always give you what you want or need after an injury. Some employers just do not have light duty work available.  If your employer does not have suitable work available, they may […]

Georgia Legislature Updates Workers’ Compensation Laws

Most years, the Georgia state legislature makes changes to Georgia's workers' compensation laws

The Georgia legislature made several changes to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act in 2016.  The changes made to the law include small increases to the following benefit limits: The maximum temporary total disability benefit rate The maximum temporary partial disability benefit rate The maximum total benefit payable to a surviving spouse as a sole dependent […]

FMLA and Workers’ Compensation

FMLA leave can protect your job if a workers' compensation injury causes you to miss work

Many people who have workers’ compensation injuries may also qualify for FMLA.  FMLA stands for the Family Medical Leave Act.  Congress passed this law in 1993 to provide job protection for employees who needed to miss time from their jobs. Before FMLA, an employee who had to miss time from work because of a sickness […]

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

If you are hurt on the job in Georgia, you probably have a Georgia workers compensation case.  Understanding the basics of Georgia’s workers compensation laws will help assure that you are treated fairly.  This article will provide you some basic information about the benefits you may receive and situations you may encounter Reporting your injury Georgia […]

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

You may read about maximum medical improvement on some paperwork from your workers’ compensation doctor.  Like many medical terms, you may wonder what it means.  You probably wonder how it will affect your workers’ compensation benefits. Maximum medical improvement (or MMI for short) means that your injury is basically “as good as it is going […]

Amputations and Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workers who suffer catastrophic amputations injuries need to know about their workers' compensation benefits

Georgia workers’ compensation law has two basic designations of injuries: Catastrophic injuries Noncatastrophic injuries Benefits of a catastrophic designation There is a big difference between the benefits available to injured workers depending on which type of injury they have.  For example, injured workers with noncatastrophic injuries will find that they have a limited period during […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law Changes in 2015

Cliff Perkins discusses the 2015 Georgia Workers' Compensation Law changes

Georgia workers’ compensation law changes almost every year.  Sometimes, the changes are minor.  Other times, the changes are much more significant. We believe it is important for you to be aware of these changes in the law.  We hope you never suffer a serious injury at work, but you need to have some knowledge of the […]

Eleven Things You Should Know About Your Georgia Workers’ Compensation Case

Man with questions about his workers' compensation case

Georgia workers’ compensation law is complicated.  Many people call our firm with questions.  We are always happy to talk to people and answer those questions.  Here are eleven important things that you should know about Georgia’s workers’ compensation law. 1.  You have the right to pick your doctor Many employers and insurance companies just send […]

Leg Injuries – Hips, Knees and Ankles

Many with leg injury rests leg on sofa arm

Leg injuries can be some of the most difficult and frustrating workers’ compensation injuries.  They affect your ability to stand, walk, and squat.  This article will discuss some of the specific issues associated with hip, knee, and ankle injuries.  Since it is not written by a doctor, it is not intended as medical advice.  Instead, […]

Statutes of Limitations in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Statute of limitations deadline approaching on calendar

A statute of limitations is dangerous.  It is a deadline for filing your claim. If you do not file your claim within the time provided, you will probably lose your case.  You will lose your claim without even getting a chance to prove it. Under the workers’ compensation law in Georgia, there are at least […]

Changes to Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Rule 104

Form WC-104

The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation made a change in 2014 to Board Rule 104 that will help protect injured workers and benefit the workers’ compensation judicial system at the same time. What Rule 104 does Rule 104 allows an Employer/Insurer to complete a Form WC-104 giving an injured worker notice that his or […]

When Will My Temporary Total Disability Benefits Start?

The insurance company should pay temporary total disability benefits when you cannot work after an injury

One workers’ compensation benefit is temporary total disability or TTD benefits.  These are benefits for lost wages.  The insurance company pays they when you are unable to work because of your injury. Also, if you return to work but are making less money because of your injury, you receive benefits for your reduced earnings.  These […]