Light Duty Workers Compensation Jobs after a Shoulder Injury

Knowing the workers compensation rules in Georgia can help you make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you after your shoulder injury

All of us use our arms a lot.  You don’t think about it much, but you probably notice it when you injure your shoulder. I did not realize how much difficulty it caused to have a shoulder injury until l hurt my shoulder about 15 years ago.  A shoulder injury can make it difficult to […]

Should I Settle My Workers Compensation Neck Injury Case?

Before settling your workers compensation case after a serious neck injury, make sure you understand what settlement is and the different factors you should consider

Many people have heard about workers compensation settlements.  But, they often do not understand exactly what settlement means or how it works. A serious neck injury can affect you for the rest of your life.  Some serious neck injuries that often occur at work are herniated discs or spinal fractures. There are other types of […]

Can Workers Compensation Deny My Medical Treatment?

The workers compensation insurance company's denial of medical treatment often prevents you from getting the treatment you need

I talk to many people who have suffered injuries at work.  Most people who call me have had difficulty getting the workers compensation medical treatment they need. Often, the insurance company has denied some or all of their medical treatment.  Medical treatment is one of the primary benefits provided in a workers’ compensation case. Basically, […]

Is Hip Replacement Covered By Workers Compensation?

An injury at work can cause you to need hip replacement surgery

Severe hip injuries cause excruciating pain.  They affect your ability to do just about anything including standing, sitting, and working.  In recent years, hip replacement has become a popular way to treat severe hip conditions. When your worker compensation doctor recommends hip replacement, that recommendation can create a number of different issues.  In this article, […]

Do Workers Compensation Injuries Cause Herniated Discs?

Many people suffer neck and back pain from herniated discs

Workers’ compensation back and neck injuries often cause herniated discs.  Many people have difficulty getting medical treatment or other workers compensation benefits for these injuries. This article provides information about a few different workers compensation issues for herniated discs: Common reasons workers compensation insurance companies deny claims for herniated discs Common medical treatments covered by […]

Rotator Cuff Surgery for Shoulder Injuries

People often have questions about what benefits workers' compensation pays for shoulder injuries

Workers’ compensation shoulder injuries often cause significant difficulties.  We use our arms a lot.  I did not realize how much I used my arms until I had a shoulder injury a number of years ago. Shoulder injuries make it difficult to work overhead.  Many people find it difficult to sleep or wash their hair.  Some […]

Workers Compensation Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee injuries sometimes require knee replacement surgery

Knee injuries at work can cause many difficulties.  These injuries often affect your ability to stand, walk, squat, climb, and lift.  These restrictions may prevent you from doing your job. After evaluating your knee injury, your doctor may recommend surgery.  Sometimes, this surgery may be a more minor surgery.  Other times, the doctor may determine […]

Low Back Injuries at Work in Georgia

Back injury

This is the first in a series of blog articles about some of the most common types of workers’ compensation injuries in Georgia.  At the beginning, it is important to state that this series will not comprehensively cover every type of work injury.  However, it will attempt to provide some valuable information and direction regarding […]

Timing of Settlement in a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Case?

Man holding a settlement check

Our first two blogs post in this series on settlement of your Georgia Workers’ Compensation case discussed what settlement is and some factors that you should consider when deciding what amount to accept in settlement, if you decide to settle your case.  This blog post will discuss when it is a good time to consider […]