How to File for Workers Compensation

If you suffer an injury at work, you need to know how to file a workers compensation claim to get benefits

Most people have heard of workers compensation.  You probably know that it cover you when you suffer an injury at work.  But, many people have questions about exactly how it works. Those questions really become important when you suffer an injury at work.  You need to file a workers compensation claim.  But, how do you […]

Workers Compensation Benefits for Brain Injuries

Georgia's workers compensation law covers head and brain injuries, but there are special rules that apply which could affect your benefits

Head injuries causes serious and potentially long term consequences.  We have seen growing awareness of that with the increased concerns about the effects of repeated head trauma in football and soccer. If you suffer a head injury at work, you need to know how that can affect you and what benefits the workers compensation insurance […]

The Difference Between TTD and PPD Benefits

Many people have questions about the differences between temporary total and permanent partial disability

You may receive temporary total and permanent partial disability benefits after a work injury.  Many people receive both of these benefits.  Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always pay these benefits at the correct time or in the correct amounts. Most people just want to receive whatever benefits they should.  But, many people find it difficult […]

Workers Compensation Settlement Timelines

If you have been injured at work, you may have questions about the timeline for a workers compensation settlement

Many people ask me good questions about workers compensation settlements.  Some of the common questions people ask me include the following: How long does it take a workers compensation case to settle? Does the time it takes to reach a settlement affect the amount of the settlement? If I wait too long to settle my […]

How 2016 Georgia Court Decisions Affected Workers Compensation

Georgia court decisions affect the rights of injured workers in workers compensation cases

The Georgia Supreme Court and Georgia Court of Appeals make workers compensation decisions every year.  Most of these decisions do two important things: They decide the legal issue or issues in that particular workers compensation case. They establish law (referred to as precedent) that judges apply in other workers compensation cases. Just like the Supreme […]

Why Do We Have Labor Day

Labor Day celebrates all of the contributions of our country's working men and women

Labor Day means the end of summer for many of us.  It is a long weekend.  If the weather is good, you may spend time at the pool or the lake.  You will probably grill out. You may spend some time watching football. Labor Day used to be the time that children started back to […]

GA Supreme Court Bars Catastrophically Injured Worker From Workers Compensation Benefits

One of the most important things a workers' compensation attorneys does is fight for a client's benefits in court

I have discussed the harshness of the O.C.G.A. 34-9-104 change in condition statute of limitations in previous articles on this blog.  The harshness of workers compensation deadlines has harmed yet another injured worker. The Georgia Supreme Court recently decided the case of Roseburg Forest Products Company v. Barnes.  Mr. Barnes’ leg was amputated below the knee […]

Amputations and Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Workers who suffer catastrophic amputations injuries need to know about their workers' compensation benefits

Georgia workers’ compensation law has two basic designations of injuries: Catastrophic injuries Noncatastrophic injuries Benefits of a catastrophic designation There is a big difference between the benefits available to injured workers depending on which type of injury they have.  For example, injured workers with noncatastrophic injuries will find that they have a limited period during […]

Statutes of Limitations in Workers’ Compensation Claims

Statute of limitations deadline approaching on calendar

A statute of limitations is dangerous.  It is a deadline for filing your claim. If you do not file your claim within the time provided, you will probably lose your case.  You will lose your claim without even getting a chance to prove it. Under the workers’ compensation law in Georgia, there are at least […]