Foot and Ankle Injury Workers Compensation Settlements

Foot and ankle injuries can make it very difficult to return to work.  Primarily, they affect your ability to stand and walk.  Most jobs require you to do some amount of standing and walking. Even if you are able to stand and walk fine after your foot and ankle injury, you may find that more […]

Will Workers Compensation Pay a Fair Settlement?

It can be difficult to make sure that the insurance company pays you a fair workers compensation settlement

If you were injured at work, a workers compensation settlement generally means that you receive some sort of lump sum payment.  But what is the amount of that lump sum payment and how does the insurance company determine it? This question is difficult.  Before trying to answer it, you first need to do at least […]

Will I Receive a Settlement at a Workers Compensation Mediation?

I often discuss mediation with my clients.  When I do this, I almost always ask them if they know what a mediation is. Some of them have a basic understanding of mediation.  Others are not familiar with mediation at all. In this article, I will discuss what mediation is generally and talk specifically about what […]

Why Do Insurance Companies Settle Cases?

Understanding why insurance companies settlement workers compensation cases will help you decide how you should approach settlement of your case

What is a workers compensation settlement? Many people have heard about settlements.  You might know someone who settled their case.  Television commercials by attorneys often discuss settlements. Basically, a settlement is an agreement between two sides to a dispute to resolve that dispute.  In workers compensation, this agreement is usually between you and the workers […]

Why Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Settle Cases

Most people have heard about settlement of case.  Ads by attorneys on television often talk about person injury and workers compensation settlements. Those ads usually do not tell you a whole lot.  They do not talk to you about what a settlement is.  They also do not discuss why insurance companies settle cases. To understand […]

Workers Compensation Settlement Timelines

If you have been injured at work, you may have questions about the timeline for a workers compensation settlement

Many people ask me good questions about workers compensation settlements.  Some of the common questions people ask me include the following: How long does it take a workers compensation case to settle? Does the time it takes to reach a settlement affect the amount of the settlement? If I wait too long to settle my […]

How Long Does a Workers Compensation Settlement Take?

Many people have questions about how Georgia workers compensation settlements are approved and how long it takes

Georgia workers compensation settlements require approval.  This means that you and the insurance company cannot just agree to settle your case.  For a settlement to be official, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation has to approve your agreement. Many people have questions about how the approval process works.  In this article, I will discuss […]

What is a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)?

Many people have questions about whether they need to have a Medicare set-aside as part of a workers compensation settlement

A Medicare set-aside (MSA for short) is a mechanism sometimes used in settlement when Medicare might have an interest in your workers’ compensation case.  Generally, funds from settlement create the Medicare-set aside account.  An injured worker then uses those funds after settlement to pay for medical treatment for the work injury. I do not intend […]

Late Workers Compensation Checks

Insurance companies can have to pay late penalties when they do not send workers compensation checks on time

The insurance company has a duty to pay you a workers compensation check when your injury prevents you from working.  Georgia law provides that the insurance company must pay that check on a weekly basis. I can tell you that many insurance companies fail to pay on time.  Some miss weeks.  Others do not mail […]

How Long Term Disability Affects Workers Compensation

You need to know how long term disability interacts with workers' compensation benefits

Workers’ compensation covers you when you suffer an injury doing your job.  In Georgia and most other states, workers’ compensation pays you wage loss benefits when your injury causes you to miss work.  If you have short or long term disability insurance, that insurance company may pay you wage loss benefits as well. Can you […]

How Much Should I Settle My Workers Compensation Case For?

Many people have questions about how much they should settle their workers' compensation cases for

Most workers’ compensation cases settle.  For the insurance company, this means they can close a file.  For an injured worker, it means that they generally receive some sort of lump sum payment.  The difficult question is how much you should accept to settle a workers’ compensation case. This question is extremely difficult.  Before trying to […]

Reasons Not To Settle Your Case Now

should you settle case

Settlement sounds great.  It means you can move on with your life.  It generally means the insurance company pays you a lump sum check.  But before you decide to settle, you need to know some reasons you should not settle your case now. Two things you must know about settlement I often get asked about […]

Back Surgery – Georgia Workers’ Compensation

workers comp back surgery

Doctors often propose back surgery to treat serious workers’ compensation back injuries.  These types of back injuries often result in herniated discs that are diagnosed via an MRI or some other form of diagnostic testing. When back surgery is recommended, people often have questions.  They wonder whether they should have surgery. Many people believe that […]

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

You may read about maximum medical improvement on some paperwork from your workers’ compensation doctor.  Like many medical terms, you may wonder what it means.  You probably wonder how it will affect your workers’ compensation benefits. Maximum medical improvement (or MMI for short) means that your injury is basically “as good as it is going […]

Two Things To Do Before You Settle

Find out some things you should consider before you settle your case

Settlement of a workers’ compensation case is a big decision.  Once the settlement is signed and approved by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, it is final.  You cannot go back and change it later.  Because settlement is such an important decision, you should make sure that you are ready when you consider settling your […]

Misconceptions about Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Laws

Many people have misconceptions about Georgia's workers compensation laws

Many people have misunderstandings about Georgia’s Workers Compensation laws and how they work.  If you do not understand your workers’ compensation rights, you will probably not be treated fairly and may not be paid the benefits you should receive. Here are a few of the common misconceptions that people have about Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws: […]

Suitable Housing for a Workers Compensation Injury

Man in wheelchair cannot go up stairs to get in house

Severe work injuries often cause problems regarding suitable housing and vehicles.  Back, leg, and neck injuries can make it difficult for an injured worker to get around. Sometimes, these injuries require that injured workers use a wheelchair, scooter, or other assistive device.  Using these devices inside houses and other buildings can often be difficult.  Sometimes, […]

Will My Personal Injury Claim Affect Social Security Benefits?

If you are currently receiving Social Security Benefits such as SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) payments, you may have questions about how the money received from your personal injury case will affect these benefits. SSDI Social security disability benefits (SSDI) are not income dependent or “need based” benefits.  This means […]

Does Permanent Partial Disability Benefit Payment End My Workers’ Compensation Case?

Signing disability benefits check

Our previous articles in this blog series on permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits in Georgia workers’ compensation cases provided a general overview of permanent partial disability benefits and discussed when these benefits are paid and for how long.  This article will discuss whether accepting permanent partial disability benefits settles your workers’ compensation case.  It will […]

Does a Big Settlement Mean A Better Recovery?

Man holding a settlement check

What is My Case Worth? Our clients often ask us what their workers’ compensation cases are worth.  When they ask this question, what they often want to know is what they would be able to receive if they settled their cases.  This is a complex question which requires a lot of information about the specifics […]