Can I Get Fired on Light Duty?

Many people are concerned that their employer may fire them while they are working a light duty job

Most people just want to get back to work as quick as they can after getting hurt at work.  Unfortunately, employers do not always give you what you want or need after an injury. Some employers just do not have light duty work available.  If your employer does not have suitable work available, they may […]

Can Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Get Me Fired?

Getting fired does not end your workers' compensation case

Many people have concerns about losing their job after an injury at work.  Some have known people who have lost their job after an injury.  Some people think their company will fire them if they hire an attorney. Many people ask the following questions during their initial consultation with me: “Will I get fired for […]

FMLA and Workers’ Compensation

FMLA leave can protect your job if a workers' compensation injury causes you to miss work

Many people who have workers’ compensation injuries may also qualify for FMLA.  FMLA stands for the Family Medical Leave Act.  Congress passed this law in 1993 to provide job protection for employees who needed to miss time from their jobs. Before FMLA, an employee who had to miss time from work because of a sickness […]