Will I Receive a Settlement at a Workers Compensation Mediation?

I often discuss mediation with my clients.  When I do this, I almost always ask them if they know what a mediation is. Some of them have a basic understanding of mediation.  Others are not familiar with mediation at all. In this article, I will discuss what mediation is generally and talk specifically about what […]

Requesting a Workers Compensation Hearing

Many people have questions about how to request a workers compensation hearing

Unfortunately, insurance companies often do not pay the workers’ compensation benefits they should.  To get the benefits you deserve, you may have to request a workers compensation hearing.  This article discusses how you can request a hearing and gives some insight into what happens between the time you request a hearing and when you go […]

Getting Proper Medical Treatment for Neck Injuries

Serious neck injuries often cause people to miss work and need extensive medical treatment

Many people suffer neck injuries at work each year.  While some of these injuries are minor, many injuries can cause you to miss months or longer from work.  Some injuries require extensive medical treatment including surgery and other procedures. If you injure your neck and get medical treatment, the doctor may diagnose you with a […]

What Does A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Do?

One of the most important things a workers' compensation attorneys does is fight for a client's benefits in court

I have served as a workers’ compensation attorney for over 15 years.  I do not represent employers or workers’ compensation insurance companies.  I only represent and help injured workers. Many people do not know what a workers’ compensation attorney that represents injured workers does.  The information they do have about workers’ compensation attorneys comes from […]

Beating Insurance Company Medical Treatment Denials

Workers' compensation insurance company medical treatment denials can make it difficult to recover from an injury

Probably the most common reason people call me is medical treatment denials.  These denials come in several forms: An actual denial – “We are denying payment for your surgery.” A partial denial – “We will approve your medical treatment but you have to have it with a different medical provider.” A medical delay – “We […]

Workers’ Compensation Court

Many people have questions about the workers' compensation court process

Many people have questions about workers compensation hearings.  Some of the questions that people wonder about are: Are workers compensation hearings like the courtrooms shown on TV? How long it will take to get to court? Will their case will be decided by a jury? This article will attempt to provide a general overview of […]

What Does A Permanent Partial Disability Rating Mean?

Arm injuries

We often get calls or e-mails from injured workers.  They have received a permanent partial disability benefits check in the mail paying them a lump sum of money after the doctor has given them an impairment rating.  They wonder why they are getting a check and what it is paying. Many of them have concerns […]