Getting Physical Therapy Paid For By Workers Compensation

Physical therapy, or PT for short, is a fairly common treatment ordered by doctors.   Doctors prescribe physical therapy as medical treatment for many different types of injuries that occur at work. It is one of the most common types of medical treatment in a workers compensation claim.  Sometimes, your doctor will order physical therapy […]

New 2017 GA Workers Compensation Medical Treatment Rules

The Form WC-PMT provides an option for overcoming the insurance company's delay and denial of your medical treatment

Georgia’s injured workers too often cannot receive timely medical treatment for their work injuries.  When your treating doctor recommends certain medical treatment, you should not have to wait months or longer to get that treatment. Unfortunately, insurance companies have taken advantage of a system which allows them to delay and deny workers compensation medical treatment. […]

Form WC-207 Medical Records Authorization

A Form WC-27 allows the insurance company to get copies of your medical records

The Form WC-207 is one of the forms that is published by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  The form is used by employers, insurance companies, and attorneys to get copies of your medical records. Why should the insurance company get my medical records? The insurance company has a responsibility to pay your medical […]