Do I Get a Settlement for My Workers Compensation Knee Injury?

When you injure your knee doing your job, you will probably have a workers compensation case.  Most people know something about workers compensation.  They may know that it pays for medical treatment and some of their lost wages. Many people also have heard of workers compensation settlements.  But, a lot of people do not know […]

Knee Injury Medical Treatment through Workers Compensation

Make sure you get proper medical treatment for your workers compensation knee injury so you can have a good recovery

Knee injuries can be some of the most difficult and frustrating workers’ compensation injuries.  They affect your ability to stand, walk, and squat. When you suffer a knee injury, getting good medical treatment is crucial.  Serious knee injuries may require surgery and other forms of medical treatment to help you recover. This article will discuss […]

Is Knee Surgery Covered By Workers Compensation?

Your workers compensation doctor tells you that you need knee surgery.  You probably have a number of questions. Does workers compensation pay for the surgery? Will the surgery cost you anything? Do you have to have the knee surgery? Can you get a second opinion? How long will it take to get the surgery approved? […]