Getting My Workers Compensation MRI Scheduled

Even when your authorized treating physician orders an MRI, you may have difficulty getting the workers compensation insurance company to approve it

Your doctor ordered an MRI to diagnose your injury.  But, the workers compensation insurance company has not authorized the MRI. So, you are stuck in limbo because you cannot get better until the doctor can get the test and diagnose your injury.  What do you? Unfortunately, I hear about these problems much more often than […]

Can I Pick My Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

Georgia's workers' compensation law allows you to pick your workers' compensation doctor but there are limitations

YES.  Georgia’s workers compensation laws allow you to pick your workers’ compensation doctor.  It is important to understand that you may have a limited number of doctors from which to choose.  The doctors from which you can choose will depend on whether your employer has followed the rules about posting a list of doctors and […]

When Will My Temporary Total Disability Benefits Start?

The insurance company should pay temporary total disability benefits when you cannot work after an injury

One workers’ compensation benefit is temporary total disability or TTD benefits.  These are benefits for lost wages.  The insurance company pays they when you are unable to work because of your injury. Also, if you return to work but are making less money because of your injury, you receive benefits for your reduced earnings.  These […]

How Long Will I Receive Permanent Partial Disability Benefits?

Consulting calendar about length of time for veterans appeal to be decided

This article discusses how long permanent partial disability benefits are paid in Georgia workers’ compensation claims depending on the percent and type of PPD rating you are given.  If you have not read our article on permanent partial disability benefits, we would recommend that you read that first. How Does the Body Part Rated Affect the […]

What Does A Permanent Partial Disability Rating Mean?

Arm injuries

We often get calls or e-mails from injured workers.  They have received a permanent partial disability benefits check in the mail paying them a lump sum of money after the doctor has given them an impairment rating.  They wonder why they are getting a check and what it is paying. Many of them have concerns […]

What Will I Get From a Free Consultation About Workers’ Compensation?

What will I get from a free consultation? A free consultation with one of our workers’ compensation attorneys will provide you with at least three things: We can put together a summary of the important facts of your case for you.  You can use this summary regardless of whether you decide to hire us or […]

What is a Workers’ Compensation Case Settlement?

Jason Perkins discusses settlement of a workers' compensation case

Are you entitled to a workers’ compensation settlement? That is a good question that many people ask me. The short answer to that question is that you are not necessarily “entitled” to a settlement.  Most people who are injured at work do end up receiving a settlement, but a settlement is something different than what […]

How Do You Get A Catastrophic Designation?

Getting a catastrophic designation is important to make sure you receive the benefits you should

As an attorney specializing in workers’ compensation cases, I know that most seriously injured workers would agree that their accidents have had a catastrophic effect on their lives. They are in pain; They receive less money per week than before their injury; and, They often cannot get the insurance company to pay for the medical […]

Workers’ Compensation: What to Expect from your Payments

You are now receiving weekly workers’ compensation benefits, but how do you know the payment amount is correct? In Georgia, those who miss time from work due to a job injury are to receive two-thirds of the weekly pay, up to a maximum set by law. While the formula is a decent starting point to […]

How To Avoid Delays And Denials Of Medical Treatment

The workers’ compensation system in Georgia was designed to make sure injured workers received medical treatment quickly. However, injured workers often can find that their treatment is delayed or denied, especially if they need more expensive medical treatment like testing, injections, or surgery. If you are injured, you want to make sure you receive the […]