How Long Does a Workers Compensation Settlement Take?

Many people have questions about how Georgia workers compensation settlements are approved and how long it takes

Georgia workers compensation settlements require approval.  This means that you and the insurance company cannot just agree to settle your case.  For a settlement to be official, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation has to approve your agreement. Many people have questions about how the approval process works.  In this article, I will discuss […]

Permanent Partial and Temporary Partial Disability

Many people have questions about when they should receive permanent partial and temporary partial disability benefits from the workers' compensation insurance company

When you receive Georgia workers compensation benefits, you may find it difficult to understand what type of benefits you receive.  Permanent partial and temporary partial disability are two types of weekly workers compensation benefits. Many insurance companies do not pay workers compensation benefits correctly.  They may not pay the right amounts.  Often, they do not […]

Temporary Total and Temporary Partial Disability

Temporary total and temporary partial disability benefit checks pay injured workers for lost wages

The lost wages checks you receive from the insurance company often cause confusion.  The checks or the check stubs will talk about temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, or permanent partial disability. You may have difficulty figuring out if you are getting the right check.  Sometimes, the checks do not even have the complete terminology. […]

Rotator Cuff Surgery for Shoulder Injuries

People often have questions about what benefits workers' compensation pays for shoulder injuries

Workers’ compensation shoulder injuries often cause significant difficulties.  We use our arms a lot.  I did not realize how much I used my arms until I had a shoulder injury a number of years ago. Shoulder injuries make it difficult to work overhead.  Many people find it difficult to sleep or wash their hair.  Some […]

How Long Term Disability Affects Workers Compensation

You need to know how long term disability interacts with workers' compensation benefits

Workers’ compensation covers you when you suffer an injury doing your job.  In Georgia and most other states, workers’ compensation pays you wage loss benefits when your injury causes you to miss work.  If you have short or long term disability insurance, that insurance company may pay you wage loss benefits as well. Can you […]

Should There Be A Workers’ Compensation Cost of Living Adjustment?

Increases in the cost of living mean the same amount of money does not buy as much

The cost of living almost always goes up each year.  This increase in the cost of living is measured by the consumer price index (CPI).  The CPI measures changes in prices paid by consumers for goods and services.  It will tell you whether your money goes as far as it used to go. A review of […]

How Much Should I Settle My Workers Compensation Case For?

Many people have questions about how much they should settle their workers' compensation cases for

Most workers’ compensation cases settle.  For the insurance company, this means they can close a file.  For an injured worker, it means that they generally receive some sort of lump sum payment.  The difficult question is how much you should accept to settle a workers’ compensation case. This question is extremely difficult.  Before trying to […]

Reasons Not To Settle Your Case Now

should you settle case

Settlement sounds great.  It means you can move on with your life.  It generally means the insurance company pays you a lump sum check.  But before you decide to settle, you need to know some reasons you should not settle your case now. Two things you must know about settlement I often get asked about […]

Is Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney Expensive?

Many people worry that hiring a workers compensation attorney will be expensive

Many people worry that it will be expensive to hire a workers’ compensation attorney.  They may worry that they will call or meet with an attorney and then find out that they are going to be charged a lot of money for asking a few questions.  You may worry that your experience with an attorney will […]

Does Workers’ Compensation “Cost Containment” Actually Increase Costs?

"Cost containment" companies make money by denying benefits to injured workers

All of us know something about workers’ compensation.  Some people learn about workers’ compensation after they are injured at work.  Other people learn about it when a friend or family member is injured.  Still others know about it because their job duties involve dealing with workers’ compensation claims in some ways.  Our experiences with workers’ […]

Two Things To Do Before You Settle

Find out some things you should consider before you settle your case

Settlement of a workers’ compensation case is a big decision.  Once the settlement is signed and approved by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation, it is final.  You cannot go back and change it later.  Because settlement is such an important decision, you should make sure that you are ready when you consider settling your […]

Does Workers’ Compensation Pay Pain & Suffering?

Workers' compensation in Georgia pays benefits for lost wages and medical treatment, but does not pay money for pain and suffering

I often get asked by clients about getting paid for what they have gone through because of their injuries.  In a personal injury case, you can get paid for pain and suffering.  Sometimes, you can have a workers’ compensation case and a personal injury case from the same incident.  However, most people who are injured […]

When Will My Temporary Total Disability Benefits Start?

The insurance company should pay temporary total disability benefits when you cannot work after an injury

One workers’ compensation benefit is temporary total disability or TTD benefits.  These are benefits for lost wages.  The insurance company pays they when you are unable to work because of your injury. Also, if you return to work but are making less money because of your injury, you receive benefits for your reduced earnings.  These […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Temporary Total Disability Payments

Getting Medical Treatment

One workers’ compensation benefit is temporary total disability or TTD benefits.  These are benefits for lost wages.  The insurance company pays they when you are unable to work because of your injury. Also, if you return to work but are making less money because of your injury, you receive benefits for your reduced earnings.  These […]

What is a Workers’ Compensation Case Settlement?

Jason Perkins discusses settlement of a workers' compensation case

Are you entitled to a workers’ compensation settlement? That is a good question that many people ask me. The short answer to that question is that you are not necessarily “entitled” to a settlement.  Most people who are injured at work do end up receiving a settlement, but a settlement is something different than what […]

Does Workers’ Compensation Pay Death Benefits?

Primary dependents include a spouse and children

In a  previous article, I discussed how the workers’ compensation law in Georgia determines who qualifies as a dependent for purposes of drawing dependency benefits in work-related deaths.  This article discusses what dependency benefits are available to those who qualify as dependents. Who receives dependency benefits It is important to understand that there is a […]

Pitfalls in a Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation Case

Catastrophic workers' compensation benefits stopped at retirement age

Proving that your case is catastrophic has many benefits.  However, there are many pitfalls you need to watch out for. This article will discuss a couple of the pitfalls of catastrophic designation in a Georgia workers’ compensation claim. One of those pitfalls is is getting the evidence you need to prove your catastrophic case.  The […]