Knee Surgery PPD Benefits

Even a successful knee surgery can leave you with some degree of permanent partial disabilty

If you suffer a serious workers compensation knee injury, your doctor may recommend knee surgery.  Even after you have knee surgery, you may still have some permanent limitations as a result of your injury. In Georgia and many other states, workers compensation pays you some benefits when you have a permanent impairment as a result […]

When Will My Georgia Workers Compensation Check Stop?

When a workers compensation injury keeps you out of work in Georgia, you rely on the workers compensation check that the insurance company pays you.  This temporary total disability check replaces the wages that you lose when you are unable to work. But, Georgia law does have limits on how long the insurance company has […]

Back Injury Workers Compensation Settlements

Serious workers compensation back injuries often require substantial medical treatment.  You may need physical therapy, medication management, and injections.  You could also require back surgery. As a result of the pain and limitations from a back injury, many people have difficulty going back to work.  This difficulty is increased if you work in a job […]

What PPD Does Workers Compensation Pay for Neck Surgery?

You need to understand how PPD ratings work under the AMA Guides to make sure you get paid the correct PPD benefits for your neck surgery

Surgery may be necessary if you suffer a serious neck injury at work.  The decision about whether you need neck surgery and which type of surgery would be best for your should be made by you and your doctor. Doctors perform many different types of neck surgery to relieve pain from work injuries.  Some of […]

Why Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Settle Cases

Many people are confused by workers compensation settlements. Learning more about how settlements work should help you make a better decision in your case.

You probably have heard about workers compensation settlements.  Ads by attorneys on television often talk about person injury and workers compensation settlements. Those ads usually do not tell you a whole lot.  It often is just someone saying that their attorney got them a certain amount of money.  They do not explain why the settlement […]

Foot and Ankle Injury Workers Compensation Settlements

Foot and ankle injuries can make it very difficult to return to work.  Primarily, they affect your ability to stand and walk.  Most jobs require you to do some amount of standing and walking. Even if you are able to stand and walk fine after your foot and ankle injury, you may find that more […]

Will Workers Compensation Pay a Fair Settlement?

It can be difficult to make sure that the insurance company pays you a fair workers compensation settlement

If you were injured at work, a workers compensation settlement generally means that you receive some sort of lump sum payment.  But what is the amount of that lump sum payment and how does the insurance company determine it? This question is difficult.  Before trying to answer it, you first need to do at least […]

Do I Get a PPD Rating for a Workers Compensation Shoulder Injury?

Severe shoulder injuries often result in some amount of permanent impairment. PPD benefits are the way that Georgia workers compensation pays you for this permanent impairment.

A doctor may have talked to you about permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits.  Or, you may have heard about PPD benefits from a friend. Regardless of how you learned about them, you probably have some questions about how PPD benefits work.  This article provides some information about PPD benefits generally but focuses more specifically on […]

Do I Get a Settlement for My Workers Compensation Knee Injury?

When you injure your knee doing your job, you will probably have a workers compensation case.  Most people know something about workers compensation.  They may know that it pays for medical treatment and some of their lost wages. Many people also have heard of workers compensation settlements.  But, a lot of people do not know […]

How to File for Workers Compensation

If you suffer an injury at work, you need to know how to file a workers compensation claim to get benefits

Most people have heard of workers compensation.  You probably know that it cover you when you suffer an injury at work.  But, many people have questions about exactly how it works. Those questions really become important when you suffer an injury at work.  You need to file a workers compensation claim.  But, how do you […]

Light Duty Workers Compensation Jobs after a Shoulder Injury

Knowing the workers compensation rules in Georgia can help you make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you after your shoulder injury

All of us use our arms a lot.  You don’t think about it much, but you probably notice it when you injure your shoulder. I did not realize how much difficulty it caused to have a shoulder injury until l hurt my shoulder about 15 years ago.  A shoulder injury can make it difficult to […]

Foot and Ankle Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Severe foot and ankle injuries may cause permanent impairment which may entitle you to permanent partial disability benefits

Most people spend a lot of time on their feet.  Most jobs require some amount of standing and walking.  Some jobs require you to be on your feet almost constantly. Because of this, serious feet and ankle injuries cause big problems for many people.  Often, these injuries occur as a result of falls, motor vehicle […]

Should I Settle My Workers Compensation Neck Injury Case?

Before settling your workers compensation case after a serious neck injury, make sure you understand what settlement is and the different factors you should consider

Many people have heard about workers compensation settlements.  But, they often do not understand exactly what settlement means or how it works. A serious neck injury can affect you for the rest of your life.  Some serious neck injuries that often occur at work are herniated discs or spinal fractures. There are other types of […]

Will I Receive a Settlement at a Workers Compensation Mediation?

I often discuss mediation with my clients.  When I do this, I almost always ask them if they know what a mediation is. Some of them have a basic understanding of mediation.  Others are not familiar with mediation at all. In this article, I will discuss what mediation is generally and talk specifically about what […]

Why Do Insurance Companies Settle Cases?

Understanding why insurance companies settlement workers compensation cases will help you decide how you should approach settlement of your case

What is a workers compensation settlement? Many people have heard about settlements.  You might know someone who settled their case.  Television commercials by attorneys often discuss settlements. Basically, a settlement is an agreement between two sides to a dispute to resolve that dispute.  In workers compensation, this agreement is usually between you and the workers […]

Why Workers Compensation Insurance Companies Settle Cases

Most people have heard about settlement of case.  Ads by attorneys on television often talk about person injury and workers compensation settlements. Those ads usually do not tell you a whole lot.  They do not talk to you about what a settlement is.  They also do not discuss why insurance companies settle cases. To understand […]

The Difference Between TTD and PPD Benefits

Many people have questions about the differences between temporary total and permanent partial disability

You may receive temporary total and permanent partial disability benefits after a work injury.  Many people receive both of these benefits.  Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always pay these benefits at the correct time or in the correct amounts. Most people just want to receive whatever benefits they should.  But, many people find it difficult […]

Workers Compensation Settlement Timelines

If you have been injured at work, you may have questions about the timeline for a workers compensation settlement

Many people ask me good questions about workers compensation settlements.  Some of the common questions people ask me include the following: How long does it take a workers compensation case to settle? Does the time it takes to reach a settlement affect the amount of the settlement? If I wait too long to settle my […]

How 2016 Georgia Court Decisions Affected Workers Compensation

Georgia court decisions affect the rights of injured workers in workers compensation cases

The Georgia Supreme Court and Georgia Court of Appeals make workers compensation decisions every year.  Most of these decisions do two important things: They decide the legal issue or issues in that particular workers compensation case. They establish law (referred to as precedent) that judges apply in other workers compensation cases. Just like the Supreme […]

Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney

You have thought about hiring a workers compensation attorney.  But, how do you decide who you should hire? You want to make sure the workers compensation insurance company does not take advantage of you.  Yet, many people put off hiring an attorney because they find the process difficult.  Some people find it intimidating. If you […]