What Can I Do If Workers Compensation Denies My Case?

The insurance company sends a letter denying your workers compensation case

Workers compensation was set up to pay benefits to you when you suffer an injury at work.  These benefits basically cover your medical costs plus time that you miss from work. Insurance companies do not always pay benefits when they should.  Sometimes, they deny part or all of your case. How does the workers compensation […]

New 2017 GA Workers Compensation Medical Treatment Rules

The Form WC-PMT provides an option for overcoming the insurance company's delay and denial of your medical treatment

Georgia’s injured workers too often cannot receive timely medical treatment for their work injuries.  When your treating doctor recommends certain medical treatment, you should not have to wait months or longer to get that treatment. Unfortunately, insurance companies have taken advantage of a system which allows them to delay and deny workers compensation medical treatment. […]

The Workers Compensation Doctor List

You need to know about the workers compensation doctor list to pick a good doctor to treat your injury

In Georgia, you have choice over which doctor treats your workers compensation injury.  To know what your choices are, you need to get the workers compensation doctor list. Georgia law requires your employer to post the workers compensation doctor list.  The formal name for this document is the “panel of physicians”. Many people have questions […]

Form WC-207 Medical Records Authorization

A Form WC-27 allows the insurance company to get copies of your medical records

The Form WC-207 is one of the forms that is published by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  The form is used by employers, insurance companies, and attorneys to get copies of your medical records. Why should the insurance company get my medical records? The insurance company has a responsibility to pay your medical […]

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

Sometimes filing a workers compensation claim can be difficult

When you have been injured, what do you do? You need to file a workers compensation claim. Sometimes, filing a workers compensation claim is easy.  Other times, your employer or their insurance company will make it difficult.  Here is some information about how to file a claim in both of those situations. Report your work […]

What is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

Many people have questions when they receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form from a workers' compensation insurance company

Travelers is an insurance company that often sends out a document called Explanation of Benefits in it Georgia workers’ compensation claims.  I have include an example of the pages of a sample Travelers Explanation of Benefits document below with the identifying information removed: If you receive one of these documents, you may have questions about whether there is […]

Willful Misconduct Defense in GA Workers' Compensation Cases

Willful misconduct

The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act generally requires employers to pay benefits to employees who are injured while doing their jobs.  Sometimes an employer or insurance company will claim that they should not have to pay benefits because they have an “affirmative defense”. One of the primary affirmative defenses used by insurance companies is the “willful […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Forms WC-102 and WC-108

Form WC-102

In our past articles in this blog series on Georgia Workers’ Compensation forms, we have discussed a general overview of the forms, the forms that you are likely to receive at the beginning of your case, the forms you could receive when your employer is denying benefits, the forms that have to do with medical treatment, and the […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Forms – Forms WC-104, WC-240, and WC-R1

Form WC-104

The The Georgia Workers’ Compensation system uses forms to provide information about your case.  You want to make sure you receive the benefits you should.  Understanding what these forms mean helps you do that. The insurance company files some forms that address your ability to return to work.  Those forms include Form WC-104, Form WC-240 […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Forms – Medical Treatment – Forms WC-200, WC-205 and WC-207

Workers' compensation form WC-200

Insurance companies use many different forms in Georgia workers’ compensation claims.  The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation publishes these forms. Take a look at this article to get a general overview of workers’ compensation forms.  This article will focus on workers’ compensation forms that affect the medical treatment or testing you receive in your […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Forms – Form WC-2, WC-3, and WC-14

Workers compensation form WC-2

Georgia workers’ compensation law uses many different forms.  This article discusses three forms you may encounter when benefits are paid or denied in your case. Notice of Payment or Suspension of Benefits (Form WC-2) The Form WC-2 is a form that you are likely to receive in your case if your doctor disables you from […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Forms – WC-P1, WC-1, and WC-6

WC-P1 Panel of Physicians

This is the second in a series of articles addressing Georgia Workers’ Compensation forms.  If you have not read the first article in this series which gives a basic overview of Workers’ Compensation forms and what they do, we suggest that you start with that article.  This article will focus on Workers’ Compensation forms that […]