A Helpful Statute of Limitations Case

A 2015 Court of Appeals case discusses how statutes of limitations apply to catastrophic injuries

Many of our previous blog articles have discussed the unfairness of some cases barring claims made by injured workers based on a statute of limitations.  Some of these cases prevent injured workers from getting workers’ compensation benefits they should receive. In a 2015 case from the Georgia Court of Appeals, an employer tried to argue […]

Concurrent Employment

Many people have questions about how concurrent employment affects their Georgia workers' compensation benefits

Many people work more than one job.  Concurrent employment is a workers’ compensation term that describes someone working more than one job. Concurrent employment can affect your workers’ compensation benefits.  Your average weekly wage determines how much you receive in weekly workers’ compensation benefits after a work injury in Georgia. It is important that your average […]

Georgia’s Preexisting Condition Aggravation Law

A Georgia Court of Appeals case shows how insurance companies argue that medical problems are caused by preexisting conditions

Georgia workers’ compensation law covers aggravations of preexisting conditions as work injuries.  These injuries are covered until the aggravation injury “resolves”.  A 2015 Georgia Court of Appeals decision in the case of Emory University v. Duval shows how different medical opinions are used to reach decisions using this part of the law. The facts behind the […]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law Changes in 2015

Cliff Perkins discusses the 2015 Georgia Workers' Compensation Law changes

Georgia workers’ compensation law changes almost every year.  Sometimes, the changes are minor.  Other times, the changes are much more significant. We believe it is important for you to be aware of these changes in the law.  We hope you never suffer a serious injury at work, but you need to have some knowledge of the […]

Workers’ Compensation Court

Many people have questions about the workers' compensation court process

Many people have questions about workers compensation hearings.  Some of the questions that people wonder about are: Are workers compensation hearings like the courtrooms shown on TV? How long it will take to get to court? Will their case will be decided by a jury? This article will attempt to provide a general overview of […]

Willful Misconduct Defense in GA Workers' Compensation Cases

Willful misconduct

The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act generally requires employers to pay benefits to employees who are injured while doing their jobs.  Sometimes an employer or insurance company will claim that they should not have to pay benefits because they have an “affirmative defense”. One of the primary affirmative defenses used by insurance companies is the “willful […]

Mileage Costs Payment – GA Workers’ Compensation

Mileage Costs

The mileage costs associated with buying gas to drive back and forth to the doctor can add up quickly.  You may find that you have to drive many miles to see a good specialist for treatment.  You may have to go to physical therapy several times a week. You would not have had these costs […]

Light Duty Jobs – A Change in the Law

Light Duty Jobs

When your doctor releases you to go back to work after a work injury, your employer may offer you a light duty job.  If you have been injured, you probably want to get better and go back to work as quickly as possible.  Sometimes, though, you may be asked to come back too soon or […]

Pitfalls in a Catastrophic Workers’ Compensation Case

Catastrophic workers' compensation benefits stopped at retirement age

Proving that your case is catastrophic has many benefits.  However, there are many pitfalls you need to watch out for. This article will discuss a couple of the pitfalls of catastrophic designation in a Georgia workers’ compensation claim. One of those pitfalls is is getting the evidence you need to prove your catastrophic case.  The […]