What Does A Workers’ Compensation Attorney Do?

One of the most important things a workers' compensation attorneys does is fight for a client's benefits in court

I have served as a workers’ compensation attorney for over 15 years.  I do not represent employers or workers’ compensation insurance companies.  I only represent and help injured workers. Many people do not know what a workers’ compensation attorney that represents injured workers does.  The information they do have about workers’ compensation attorneys comes from […]

Can Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Get Me Fired?

Getting fired does not end your workers' compensation case

Many people have concerns about losing their job after an injury at work.  Some have known people who have lost their job after an injury.  Some people think their company will fire them if they hire an attorney. Many people ask the following questions during their initial consultation with me: “Will I get fired for […]

Wearable Technology – Giving Up Your Privacy For Safety?

Using wearable technology on the job might decrease accidents at the cost of our privacy

Technology’s influence on our lives seems to increase more each year.  One recent development is the idea of wearable technology that could help prevent accidents.  Fewer accidents and fewer serious injuries or deaths is a great thing.  But are there privacy concerns with such a technology? Earlier in 2016, AIG invested in a company that […]

GA Supreme Court Bars Catastrophically Injured Worker From Workers Compensation Benefits

One of the most important things a workers' compensation attorneys does is fight for a client's benefits in court

I have discussed the harshness of the O.C.G.A. 34-9-104 change in condition statute of limitations in previous articles on this blog.  The harshness of workers compensation deadlines has harmed yet another injured worker. The Georgia Supreme Court recently decided the case of Roseburg Forest Products Company v. Barnes.  Mr. Barnes’ leg was amputated below the knee […]

Georgia Legislature Updates Workers’ Compensation Laws

Most years, the Georgia state legislature makes changes to Georgia's workers' compensation laws

The Georgia legislature made several changes to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act in 2016.  The changes made to the law include small increases to the following benefit limits: The maximum temporary total disability benefit rate The maximum temporary partial disability benefit rate The maximum total benefit payable to a surviving spouse as a sole dependent […]

FMLA and Workers’ Compensation

FMLA leave can protect your job if a workers' compensation injury causes you to miss work

Many people who have workers’ compensation injuries may also qualify for FMLA.  FMLA stands for the Family Medical Leave Act.  Congress passed this law in 1993 to provide job protection for employees who needed to miss time from their jobs. Before FMLA, an employee who had to miss time from work because of a sickness […]

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

If you are hurt on the job in Georgia, you probably have a Georgia workers compensation case.  Understanding the basics of Georgia’s workers compensation laws will help assure that you are treated fairly.  This article will provide you some basic information about the benefits you may receive and situations you may encounter Reporting your injury Georgia […]

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

Sometimes filing a workers compensation claim can be difficult

When you have been injured, what do you do? You need to file a workers compensation claim. Sometimes, filing a workers compensation claim is easy.  Other times, your employer or their insurance company will make it difficult.  Here is some information about how to file a claim in both of those situations. Report your work […]

Dealing With the Insurance Adjuster After a Workers’ Compensation Injury

Many people wonder whether they can trust the worker compensation adjuster to treat them fairly

After an injury at work, you will usually be contacted by an insurance adjuster.  The adjuster works for the workers’ compensation insurance company.  Instead of using the term “adjuster”, this person may refer to himself or herself as a case manager or some other job title. You may receive a letter from the insurance adjuster.  […]

Does Workers’ Compensation Affect Child Support?

Many people have questions about child support and how it interacts and workers' compensation

Many people have a legal obligation to make child support payments.  Sometimes, these payments are automatically deducted out of a person’s paycheck.  So, what happens when you are injured at work and you have an obligation to pay child support? Can child support be deducted from my workers’ compensation check? Yes. You still have to […]

Georgia’s New ICMS System

Georgia’s workers’ compensation system uses many different forms published by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  Insurance adjusters complete these forms to indicate that weekly benefits are starting or stopping or that claims are being denied.  Attorneys file forms to request hearings or to file motions among other things.  We previously wrote a series of […]

GA Workers’ Compensation Case Management Rule Changes

A new Board Rule expands the ability of insurance companies to perform medical case management in workers' compensation claims

Georgia workers’ compensation cases are controlled by two different types of rules.  One set of rules is the statutes that are passed by the Georgia Legislature.  The second set of rules is the Rules of the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation which are passed by the Directors of the State Board. The new Board […]

Continued Efforts to Harm Injured Workers

Workers’ compensation laws vary by state, but all are “statutory”.  “Statutory” means that the legislative body in the state has passed statutes (laws) establishing the rules that apply.  So, the workers’ compensation system in Georgia is primarily a number of statutes that were passed by our State House and Senate.  This is the case in […]

Bankruptcy and Workers’ Compensation

Dealing with bankruptcy and workers' compensation at the same time can give you a headache

Many people find themselves dealing with bankruptcy and workers’ compensation at the same time.  Sometimes, people who are injured at work already have an ongoing bankruptcy case.  Other times, a work injury can cause an individual to end up filing for bankruptcy.  There are very important rules that you must consider if you have a […]

4 Reasons You Should Not Wait After an Injury

You should not wait after an injury to find out about your rights

You have probably heard the expression: “Good things come to those who wait”.  Most of the time, that is good advice.  But, when you have been injured or are disabled, waiting is almost never a good idea.  Here are some reasons why you should not wait: Waiting causes you to miss deadlines and lose your […]

What If I Make a Mistake and Get Hurt?

Usually, you can receive workers' compensation benefits even if an injury is your fault

Many people have good questions about injuries that happen at work.  We try to answer a lot of these questions in our PerkinsLawTalk blog.  Some examples of questions that we often get asked include: Can I see my own doctor? What benefits will I receive if I cannot go back to work? Can my employer […]

Mental Health Condition Discrimination in Georgia

Employees who develop mental health conditions as a result of their work are often denied workers' compensation benefits in Georgia

People who suffers from mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have often been treated unfairly.  In the past, people suffering from these condition were often teased and ridiculed. Fortunately, a better understanding of mental health conditions and how to treat these conditions has allowed our society to work toward […]

Big Businesses Want Special Workers’ Compensation Rules

Big businesses want to create special workers' compensation rules

Employees are frequently injured performing their jobs at their workplace.  The workers’ compensation system was created to provide injured workers with medical treatment for their injuries and benefits while they were out of work.  Injured workers could receive these benefits without having to file a lawsuit against their employers.  The workers’ compensation system has worked […]

Misconceptions about Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Laws

Many people have misconceptions about Georgia's workers compensation laws

Many people have misunderstandings about Georgia’s Workers Compensation laws and how they work.  If you do not understand your workers’ compensation rights, you will probably not be treated fairly and may not be paid the benefits you should receive. Here are a few of the common misconceptions that people have about Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws: […]

State Board Changes Rules

The State Board of Workers' Compensation made changes to several of its rules in July 2015

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation publishes rules that govern the payment of workers’ compensation benefits.  These rules are used in addition to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act (Title 34, Section 9 of the Georgia Code). Just as changes are made to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation act by the Georgia legislature, the Chairman and Directors […]