Do I Have to Attend a Workers Compensation FCE?

A husband and wife read a letter concerning the scheduling of a functional capacity evaluation for the husband's neck injury

After a workers compensation injury, you will need some medical treatment to recover.  Once your workers compensation doctor determines that you have recovered about as much as your are going to recover, they may start talking about performing a test to determine what you can do. At this point, your doctor may give you an […]

Is the Amount of My Workers Compensation Check Correct?

The amount of your weekly workers compensation check is very important.  You rely on this check to pay your bills when you are out of work as a result of an injury.  You will want to make sure that the insurance company pays you the correct amount. How does the workers compensation insurance company decide […]

When Will Workers Compensation Start Paying Me?

A couple worries about medical bills after a workers compensation injury

Serious injuries often force people to miss work.  Sometimes, your injury may keep you from working for a week or two.  Other times, an injury can keep you out of work for months or years. When your injury is covered by workers compensation, the workers compensation insurance company pays you “lost wage” benefits when your […]

Does GA Workers Compensation Cover PTSD?

  Many people suffer traumatic events while doing their job.  Some people suffer car crashes while driving.  Others witness other people suffering serious injuries.  Still others are robbed  or shot. Often, these traumatic events cause an individual to develop a psychological condition called post-traumatic stress disorder.  This condition is often known as PTSD. PTSD is […]

How to Get Workers Compensation Medical Treatment

Medical treatment and testing can often be the most important benefit provided in a Georgia workers compensation case.  To recover from a serious injury, you will need good medical treatment. Unfortunately, many people find it frustrating to get that medical treatment.  There are rules about which doctors can provide treatment and whether you get to […]

Should I Report My Workers Compensation Injury?

Under Georgia's workers compensation law, you need to make sure and report an injury at work to make sure you receive workers compensation benefits

Some people worry about whether they should report an injury at work.  They have concerns over whether their employer will treat them differently or try to fire them. This article will discuss rules for Georgia workers compensation law.  It is important to know that different states have different workers compensation laws, so it is important […]

What is the Georgia Insurers Insolvency Pool?

The Georgia Insurers Insolvency Pool often takes over a claim when the workers compensation insurance company goes insolvent

If you are reading this article, you have probably received notification that the Georgia Insurers Insolvency Pool has taken over handling of your workers compensation case.  That notification probably left you with a lot of questions. Before that happened, your workers compensation benefits had probably been paid by an insurance company.  Now, that insurance company […]

When Will My Georgia Workers Compensation Check Stop?

When a workers compensation injury keeps you out of work in Georgia, you rely on the workers compensation check that the insurance company pays you.  This temporary total disability check replaces the wages that you lose when you are unable to work. But, Georgia law does have limits on how long the insurance company has […]

What is a Workers Compensation Nurse Case Manager?

A few years ago, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation changed its rules about nurse case managers.  Since that rule change, nurse case managers are more common in workers compensation cases. If you have a nurse case manager on your case, you probably have some questions: What is the nurse case manager’s job? Who […]

What Medical Bills Does Workers Compensation Pay?

Georgia workers compensation covers most medical treatment you need for your injury, but there are special rules that you must follow to make sure your treated is covered

You will need good medical treatment to recover from a serious workers compensation injury.  Fortunately, the insurance company should pay for that medical treatment under Georgia’s workers compensation laws. The insurance company has to pay for that medical treatment, but there are special rules that apply.  This article will discuss many of those special rules […]

Bankruptcy and Workers Compensation

Should you consider bankruptcy as an option if you are having financial difficulty while getting workers compensation?

Workers compensation can cause financial stress and worry.  If you experience financial difficulty dealing with workers compensation, you may wonder whether filing for bankruptcy is an option you should consider. Sometimes, people who suffer a workers compensation injury already have a pending bankruptcy case.  Those people often have questions about what they need to do […]

Can I Get Pain and Suffering in Workers Compensation?

Injuries are painful.  A workers compensation injury can cause you pain for week or months.  Some serious injuries cause pain that lasts for years. In Georgia, workers compensation covers you when you suffer an injury doing your job.  But, does it cover all of the harm that you incur as a result of that injury? […]

Will 2017 Court Decisions Affect Your Workers Compensation Case?

When you get hurt at work, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a workers compensation claim.  There are certain rules that will apply to determine whether you get workers compensation benefits or not. In Georgia, those rules get created in three ways: The Georgia legislature passes new workers compensation laws The Directors of […]

Will Workers Compensation Pay a Fair Settlement?

It can be difficult to make sure that the insurance company pays you a fair workers compensation settlement

If you were injured at work, a workers compensation settlement generally means that you receive some sort of lump sum payment.  But what is the amount of that lump sum payment and how does the insurance company determine it? This question is difficult.  Before trying to answer it, you first need to do at least […]

What Are the Workers Compensation Doctor Rules?

Many people refer to the doctors who provide medical treatment for work injuries as workers compensation doctors.  Some people use the term “company doctors”. Georgia law gives injured workers the right to pick their doctor off the employer’s panel of physicians.  But, many injured workers get sent directly to a company doctor without getting offered […]

Do I Get a PPD Rating for a Workers Compensation Shoulder Injury?

Severe shoulder injuries often result in some amount of permanent impairment. PPD benefits are the way that Georgia workers compensation pays you for this permanent impairment.

A doctor may have talked to you about permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits.  Or, you may have heard about PPD benefits from a friend. Regardless of how you learned about them, you probably have some questions about how PPD benefits work.  This article provides some information about PPD benefits generally but focuses more specifically on […]

Getting Medical Treatment for Workers Compensation Back Injuries

You need to understand your rights in order to get the medical treatment you need after a workers compensation back injury

Most people never expect that they would have to deal with a workers compensation back injury.  It can be very confusing when you are suddenly in pain and unable to do your job.  You may not know what your rights are. You want to make sure that you get good medical treatment to get better.  […]

How to File for Workers Compensation

If you suffer an injury at work, you need to know how to file a workers compensation claim to get benefits

Most people have heard of workers compensation.  You probably know that it cover you when you suffer an injury at work.  But, many people have questions about exactly how it works. Those questions really become important when you suffer an injury at work.  You need to file a workers compensation claim.  But, how do you […]

Getting Physical Therapy Paid For By Workers Compensation

Physical therapy, or PT for short, is a fairly common treatment ordered by doctors.   Doctors prescribe physical therapy as medical treatment for many different types of injuries that occur at work. It is one of the most common types of medical treatment in a workers compensation claim.  Sometimes, your doctor will order physical therapy […]

What Is a Catastrophic Rehabilitation Supplier?

Catastrophic rehabilitation suppliers try to help seriously injured workers reach the least restrictive lifestyle possible

In most workers’ compensation cases people never even hear about catastrophic rehabilitation suppliers.  They only work in he most serious of workers’ compensation injuries where someone’s injury is designated as ‘catastrophic’. The part of Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation law that covers catastrophic designation is known as O.C.G.A. 34-9-200.1(g).  That law discusses six different types of injuries […]