Can SSI or SSDI Benefits Be Garnished?

Generally, funds you receive as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are not subject to garnishment.  Section 207 of the Social Security Act protects these funds from being subject to garnishment for debts to most creditors.  However, there are some exceptions to this rule. SSDI benefits can be garnished for […]

Will My Personal Injury Claim Affect Social Security Benefits?

If you are currently receiving Social Security Benefits such as SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) payments, you may have questions about how the money received from your personal injury case will affect these benefits. SSDI Social security disability benefits (SSDI) are not income dependent or “need based” benefits.  This means […]

Social Security Disability and the Affordable Care Act

Travel into the future with me. For many years Mary worked as a waitress.  One day she slid in a spilled drink and fell, hitting her head, sustaining a brain injury that affects her short term memory and causes her to be fatigued after just an hour or two or trying to do anything.  Mary […]

The Importance of Social Media Privacy Settings

Privacy settings for Facebook

The use of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and numerous other sites has exploded in recent years.  Facebook on its own has over 1.1 billion users.  These websites certainly offer good ways to connect quickly with friends and relatives who may not live close by us.  They allow us to easily view information, pictures and videos […]

Why Does Anyone Need a Social Security Disability Attorney?

We’ve all heard the stories about someone getting disability benefits “even though there is nothing wrong with him”.  We have been dealing with the Social Security Disability process for years and we can tell you that these stories are almost always false. The Social Security Disability process includes several layers of scrutiny to weed out […]

Helpful Tips on Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Disability Process Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is a complex and time consuming process.  The Social Security Administration relies on medical evidence in making a determination as to whether someone is able to work.  Knowing what information is important and how to present that information is crucial to getting approved for disability […]