Georgia Workers’ Compensation Eye Injuries

workers compensation eye injury

Many people suffer workers’ compensation eye injuries each year.  In fact, over 2000 people injure their eyes at work every day. While many of these injuries are minor, some people go partially or completely blind as a result of work-related eye injuries. Understanding the special rules that apply to these types of injuries is important. […]

Spinal Cord Injuries

A doctor discusses spinal cord injuries with a patient

Approximately 17,000 people suffer spinal cord injuries in the United States each year.  These injuries usually require extensive medical treatment.  They also have permanent impacts on the lives of the individuals living with them. These injuries can cause death or paralysis.  They can affect almost every body system.  Even if an individual retains function, that […]

Wearable Technology – Giving Up Your Privacy For Safety?

Using wearable technology on the job might decrease accidents at the cost of our privacy

Technology’s influence on our lives seems to increase more each year.  One recent development is the idea of wearable technology that could help prevent accidents.  Fewer accidents and fewer serious injuries or deaths is a great thing.  But are there privacy concerns with such a technology? Earlier in 2016, AIG invested in a company that […]

GA Supreme Court Bars Catastrophically Injured Worker From Workers Compensation Benefits

One of the most important things a workers' compensation attorneys does is fight for a client's benefits in court

I have discussed the harshness of the O.C.G.A. 34-9-104 change in condition statute of limitations in previous articles on this blog.  The harshness of workers compensation deadlines has harmed yet another injured worker. The Georgia Supreme Court recently decided the case of Roseburg Forest Products Company v. Barnes.  Mr. Barnes’ leg was amputated below the knee […]

Can You Place a Value on a Pet (or a Finger)?

How do we value the life of a pet or our own lives?

The Georgia Supreme Court recently decided a case where a family’s dog died as a result of being given the wrong medication while being boarded.  The family sought to recover the for the life of the deceased pet.  The Georgia Supreme Court decided that the family could recover the animal’s fair market value plus expenses […]

Georgia Legislature Updates Workers’ Compensation Laws

Most years, the Georgia state legislature makes changes to Georgia's workers' compensation laws

The Georgia legislature made several changes to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act in 2016.  The changes made to the law include small increases to the following benefit limits: The maximum temporary total disability benefit rate The maximum temporary partial disability benefit rate The maximum total benefit payable to a surviving spouse as a sole dependent […]

FMLA and Workers’ Compensation

FMLA leave can protect your job if a workers' compensation injury causes you to miss work

Many people who have workers’ compensation injuries may also qualify for FMLA.  FMLA stands for the Family Medical Leave Act.  Congress passed this law in 1993 to provide job protection for employees who needed to miss time from their jobs. Before FMLA, an employee who had to miss time from work because of a sickness […]

Back Surgery – Georgia Workers’ Compensation

workers comp back surgery

Doctors often propose back surgery to treat serious workers’ compensation back injuries.  These types of back injuries often result in herniated discs that are diagnosed via an MRI or some other form of diagnostic testing. When back surgery is recommended, people often have questions.  They wonder whether they should have surgery. Many people believe that […]

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

If you are hurt on the job in Georgia, you probably have a Georgia workers compensation case.  Understanding the basics of Georgia’s workers compensation laws will help assure that you are treated fairly.  This article will provide you some basic information about the benefits you may receive and situations you may encounter Reporting your injury Georgia […]

Form WC-207 Medical Records Authorization

A Form WC-27 allows the insurance company to get copies of your medical records

The Form WC-207 is one of the forms that is published by the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  The form is used by employers, insurance companies, and attorneys to get copies of your medical records. Why should the insurance company get my medical records? The insurance company has a responsibility to pay your medical […]

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

Sometimes filing a workers compensation claim can be difficult

When you have been injured, what do you do? You need to file a workers compensation claim. Sometimes, filing a workers compensation claim is easy.  Other times, your employer or their insurance company will make it difficult.  Here is some information about how to file a claim in both of those situations. Report your work […]

Workers Compensation Doctors

Many people refer to the doctors who provide medical treatment for work injuries as workers compensation doctors.  Some people use the term “company doctors”. Even though Georgia law gives injured workers the right to pick their doctor off the employer’s panel of physicians, many injured workers are sent directly to these doctors without getting offered […]

Dealing With the Insurance Adjuster After a Workers’ Compensation Injury

Many people wonder whether they can trust the worker compensation adjuster to treat them fairly

After an injury at work, you will usually be contacted by an insurance adjuster.  The adjuster works for the workers’ compensation insurance company.  Instead of using the term “adjuster”, this person may refer to himself or herself as a case manager or some other job title. You may receive a letter from the insurance adjuster.  […]

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

You may read about maximum medical improvement on some paperwork from your workers’ compensation doctor.  Like many medical terms, you may wonder what it means.  You probably wonder how it will affect your workers’ compensation benefits. Maximum medical improvement (or MMI for short) means that your injury is basically “as good as it is going […]

Is Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney Expensive?

Many people worry that hiring a workers compensation attorney will be expensive

Many people worry that it will be expensive to hire a workers’ compensation attorney.  They may worry that they will call or meet with an attorney and then find out that they are going to be charged a lot of money for asking a few questions.  You may worry that your experience with an attorney will […]

What is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

Many people have questions when they receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form from a workers' compensation insurance company

Travelers is an insurance company that often sends out a document called Explanation of Benefits in it Georgia workers’ compensation claims.  I have include an example of the pages of a sample Travelers Explanation of Benefits document below with the identifying information removed: If you receive one of these documents, you may have questions about whether there is […]

Does Workers’ Compensation Affect Child Support?

Many people have questions about child support and how it interacts and workers' compensation

Many people have a legal obligation to make child support payments.  Sometimes, these payments are automatically deducted out of a person’s paycheck.  So, what happens when you are injured at work and you have an obligation to pay child support? Can child support be deducted from my workers’ compensation check? Yes. You still have to […]

Georgia’s New ICMS System

Georgia’s workers’ compensation system uses many different forms published by the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.  Insurance adjusters complete these forms to indicate that weekly benefits are starting or stopping or that claims are being denied.  Attorneys file forms to request hearings or to file motions among other things.  We previously wrote a series of […]

New Medical Treatment Delay Tactics

Many people are frustrated with medical treatment delay tactics used by workers' compensation insurance companies

You need to get medical treatment quickly for your work injury.  Georgia changed its workers’ compensation law a few years ago.  This change placed a limit on an insurance company’s responsibility for medical treatment in a workers’ compensation case.  Now, insurance companies only have to pay for medical treatment for 400 weeks from the date of […]

Does Workers’ Compensation “Cost Containment” Actually Increase Costs?

"Cost containment" companies make money by denying benefits to injured workers

All of us know something about workers’ compensation.  Some people learn about workers’ compensation after they are injured at work.  Other people learn about it when a friend or family member is injured.  Still others know about it because their job duties involve dealing with workers’ compensation claims in some ways.  Our experiences with workers’ […]