Workers Compensation Settlement Timelines

If you have been injured at work, you may have questions about the timeline for a workers compensation settlement

Many people ask me good questions about workers compensation settlements.  Some of the common questions people ask me include the following: How long does it take a workers compensation case to settle? Does the time it takes to reach a settlement affect the amount of the settlement? If I wait too long to settle my […]

Does Uber Pay Workers Compensation?

Many Uber and Lyft drivers have questions about whether they are covered by Georgia workers' compensation

Uber and Lyft have grown into billion dollar companies in a relatively short time.  Uber employs over 1 million drivers, and Lyft has over 100,000. Some Uber drivers suffer injuries in car wrecks.  Others may suffer an injury loading or unloading a customers luggage.  So, what happens when Uber and Lyft drivers suffer workers compensation injuries? […]

How 2016 Georgia Court Decisions Affected Workers Compensation

Georgia court decisions affect the rights of injured workers in workers compensation cases

The Georgia Supreme Court and Georgia Court of Appeals make workers compensation decisions every year.  Most of these decisions do two important things: They decide the legal issue or issues in that particular workers compensation case. They establish law (referred to as precedent) that judges apply in other workers compensation cases. Just like the Supreme […]

Do Safety Rule Violations Bar Workers Compensation Benefits?

If an injury occurs because of a safety rule violation, can the injured worker receive workers compensation benefits?

Many employer have safety rules they require employers to follow.  Sometimes, the employer has a manual that spells out the rules.  Other times, your employer just gives you instructions in writing. If you suffer an injury at work, your employer may try to claim that violating a safety rule caused your injury.  Can you still […]

Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney

You have thought about hiring a workers compensation attorney.  But, how do you decide who you should hire? You want to make sure the workers compensation insurance company does not take advantage of you.  Yet, many people put off hiring an attorney because they find the process difficult.  Some people find it intimidating. If you […]

Authorized Treating Physician

Authorized treating physician is a legal term for your primary doctor in a Georgia workers compensation case.  Your authorized treating physician has special privileges in your case that other doctors do not.  These privileges affect the workers compensation benefits you receive. Clearly, you need doctors to get good medical treatment.  Understanding the privileges and powers […]

How Long Does a Workers Compensation Settlement Take?

Many people have questions about how Georgia workers compensation settlements are approved and how long it takes

Georgia workers compensation settlements require approval.  This means that you and the insurance company cannot just agree to settle your case.  For a settlement to be official, the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation has to approve your agreement. Many people have questions about how the approval process works.  In this article, I will discuss […]

Permanent Partial and Temporary Partial Disability

Many people have questions about when they should receive permanent partial and temporary partial disability benefits from the workers' compensation insurance company

When you receive Georgia workers compensation benefits, you may find it difficult to understand what type of benefits you receive.  Permanent partial and temporary partial disability are two types of weekly workers compensation benefits. Many insurance companies do not pay workers compensation benefits correctly.  They may not pay the right amounts.  Often, they do not […]

Requesting a Workers Compensation Hearing

Many people have questions about how to request a workers compensation hearing

Unfortunately, insurance companies often do not pay the workers’ compensation benefits they should.  To get the benefits you deserve, you may have to request a workers compensation hearing.  This article discusses how you can request a hearing and gives some insight into what happens between the time you request a hearing and when you go […]

Workers Compensation Deadlines for Medical Treatment

Medical treatment is one of the primary benefits workers compensation pays for an injury.  But like the benefits, you must contend with deadlines to make sure you receive this benefit. Georgia’s workers compensation law has a number of different deadlines.  You should make sure you know what these deadlines are so they do not affect […]

Temporary Total and Temporary Partial Disability

Temporary total and temporary partial disability benefit checks pay injured workers for lost wages

The lost wages checks you receive from the insurance company often cause confusion.  The checks or the check stubs will talk about temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, or permanent partial disability. You may have difficulty figuring out if you are getting the right check.  Sometimes, the checks do not even have the complete terminology. […]

Do Workers Compensation Injuries Cause Herniated Discs?

Many people suffer neck and back pain from herniated discs

Workers’ compensation back and neck injuries often cause herniated discs.  Many people have difficulty getting medical treatment or other workers compensation benefits for these injuries. This article provides information about a few different workers compensation issues for herniated discs: Common reasons workers compensation insurance companies deny claims for herniated discs Common medical treatments covered by […]

What is a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA)?

Many people have questions about whether they need to have a Medicare set-aside as part of a workers compensation settlement

A Medicare set-aside (MSA for short) is a mechanism sometimes used in settlement when Medicare might have an interest in your workers’ compensation case.  Generally, funds from settlement create the Medicare-set aside account.  An injured worker then uses those funds after settlement to pay for medical treatment for the work injury. I do not intend […]

Late Workers Compensation Checks

Insurance companies can have to pay late penalties when they do not send workers compensation checks on time

The insurance company has a duty to pay you a workers compensation check when your injury prevents you from working.  Georgia law provides that the insurance company must pay that check on a weekly basis. I can tell you that many insurance companies fail to pay on time.  Some miss weeks.  Others do not mail […]

Talking to the Workers Compensation Doctor

To get good medical treatment, you need to be able to discuss your injury with your workers compensation doctor

If you have suffered an injury at work, you probably want to get the medical treatment you need to recover.  A good doctor will provide you with that treatment.  But workers’ compensation is complicated.  To make sure you get the medical treatment you need, you must talk to the workers’ compensation doctor about your injury. […]

How Technology Affects Manufacturing Jobs?

Some people are concerned that robots will replace people in manufacturing jobs

Manufacturing jobs provides employment to millions of people in the United States each year.  However, that number has dropped significantly in the last 35 years.  In 1980, there were over 19 million manufacturing jobs in the United States.  Currently, there are just over 12 million manufacturing jobs according to the United States Department of Labor. […]

Rotator Cuff Surgery for Shoulder Injuries

People often have questions about what benefits workers' compensation pays for shoulder injuries

Workers’ compensation shoulder injuries often cause significant difficulties.  We use our arms a lot.  I did not realize how much I used my arms until I had a shoulder injury a number of years ago. Shoulder injuries make it difficult to work overhead.  Many people find it difficult to sleep or wash their hair.  Some […]

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney?

Many people have questions about the cost of hiring a workers' compensation attorney

Many people want to hire a workers’ compensation attorney but have concerns about how much it will cost.  They worry that they will have to pay by the hour to meet with an attorney.  They also worry that they will have to pay up front costs when they hire an attorney. I understand people’s concerns […]

How Dangerous Is Workers Compensation Pain Medication?

Pain medication can help relieve pain, but what risks are associated with it

Injuries cause pain.  Each one of us has experienced this.  Usually, we experience minor injuries and the pain goes away quickly.  The only pain medication we take is ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Unfortunately, many workers’ compensation injuries cause pain that is more severe and lasts longer.  When doctors treat these injuries, they often recommend prescription strength […]