What Will I Get From a Free Consultation About Workers’ Compensation?

What will I get from a free consultation? A free consultation with one of our workers’ compensation attorneys will provide you with at least three things: We can put together a summary of the important facts of your case for you.  You can use this summary regardless of whether you decide to hire us or […]

Does a Big Settlement Mean A Better Recovery?

Man holding a settlement check

What is My Case Worth? Our clients often ask us what their workers’ compensation cases are worth.  When they ask this question, what they often want to know is what they would be able to receive if they settled their cases.  This is a complex question which requires a lot of information about the specifics […]

Giving Up Your Privacy Through Facebook Posts

Using computer to post to Facebook

Our previous two blog posts in this series on Facebook and other social media have discussed some basic privacy concerns with social media and the use of privacy settings to keep your information from falling into unintended hands.  This blog post will discuss the consequences in a workers’ compensation or personal injury claim of an […]

The Importance of Social Media Privacy Settings

Privacy settings for Facebook

The use of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and numerous other sites has exploded in recent years.  Facebook on its own has over 1.1 billion users.  These websites certainly offer good ways to connect quickly with friends and relatives who may not live close by us.  They allow us to easily view information, pictures and videos […]

Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury – Why Does Facebook Matter?

Woman post on Facebook from laptop computer

The use of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and numerous other sites has exploded in recent years.  Facebook on its own has over 1.1 billion users.  These websites certainly offer good ways to connect quickly with friends and relatives who may not live close by us.  They allow us to easily view information, […]

Jason Perkins Speaks On Discovery of Social Media

Picture of Jason Perkins

Jason Perkins was recently featured as a speaker at the 2013 Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation’s Annual Educational Conference.  The conference started on August 25 and was attended by many hundreds of people involved in Georgia’s workers’ compensation system including judges, attorneys, insurance adjusters, and employers. Along with Fred Green from the law firm […]

Why Does Anyone Need a Social Security Disability Attorney?

We’ve all heard the stories about someone getting disability benefits “even though there is nothing wrong with him”.  We have been dealing with the Social Security Disability process for years and we can tell you that these stories are almost always false. The Social Security Disability process includes several layers of scrutiny to weed out […]

Need a Speaker?

Picture of Ann-Margaret Perkins from 2011

Our attorneys enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.  Many of them regularly speak on personal injury, workers’ compensation, and insurance issues at continuing legal education seminars across Georgia.  Our attorneys also volunteer their time to speak to clubs, organizations, and other groups about a number of topics including: Insurance Issues Workers’ Compensation Veterans Benefits Guide […]

Helpful Tips on Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Disability Process Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is a complex and time consuming process.  The Social Security Administration relies on medical evidence in making a determination as to whether someone is able to work.  Knowing what information is important and how to present that information is crucial to getting approved for disability […]

How LTD, Social Security, and Medicare Affect Workers’ Compensation Settlements?

Man holding a settlement check

This is the final article in a series of blog posts on settlement of a Georgia Workers’ Compensation claim.  The previous articles in this series have discussed what settlement is, when you should consider settlement, and some basic factors to consider when considering settlement.  This article will discuss additional factors to consider when considering settlement […]

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Attorney?

Attorney cost

Many people who contact us to ask legal questions have concerns about the cost associated with talking to an attorney.  A lot of the time, people are wondering whether it will cost them money to talk to an attorney.  They also wonder how much it will cost them if they decide to hire an attorney. […]

Timing of Settlement in a Georgia Workers’ Compensation Case?

Man holding a settlement check

Our first two blogs post in this series on settlement of your Georgia Workers’ Compensation case discussed what settlement is and some factors that you should consider when deciding what amount to accept in settlement, if you decide to settle your case.  This blog post will discuss when it is a good time to consider […]

What is My Workers’ Compensation Case Worth?

Cliff Perkins

This is the second in our series of blog articles about what to consider when you are thinking about settling your Georgia Workers’ Compensation case.  If you have not already, we recommend that you start by reading the first article in this series that will help give you a general understanding of what settlement is. Can […]

What is a Workers’ Compensation Case Settlement?

Jason Perkins discusses settlement of a workers' compensation case

Are you entitled to a workers’ compensation settlement? That is a good question that many people ask me. The short answer to that question is that you are not necessarily “entitled” to a settlement.  Most people who are injured at work do end up receiving a settlement, but a settlement is something different than what […]

Other Ways To Change Workers’ Compensation Doctors in Georgia

Jason Perkins provides free consultation

This is the third blog post in a series on getting medical treatment in a Georgia Workers’ Compensation case.  If you have not read our first and second blog posts in this series, we think you would find it helpful to read those first. Some Reasons You Might Not Change on the Panel of Physicians […]

Can I Change My Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

Man on crutches wonders about changing doctor

Getting good medical treatment is very important.  It helps you recover from a work injury. Sometimes, the first doctor you treat with will not provide the treatment you need.  You may need to change doctors to recover from your injury. This article covers your right to change doctors after the initial selection of a doctor […]

Do I Have To Go To The Workers' Comp Doctor?

Many people have questions about whether they will receive fair treatment from workers' compensation doctors

Many people refer to the doctors who provide medical treatment for work injuries as workers compensation doctors.  Some people use the term “company doctors”. In Georgia, injured workers are often told that they must go to the doctor that the employer or workers’ compensation insurance company chooses. This is not the case the case. Do […]

PLF Paralegal’s Grandson Working on Energy Independence

Bea Flournoy has worked as a paralegal in our Personal Injury and Social Security Division for 18 years. We share her pride in her grandson Stephen Fordham. Born and raised in Ranburne, Alabama, Stephen attended Ranburne public schools. He was on the high school Physics Team and in 2006 placed 5th in the American Chemical […]

Perkins Attorneys Serve at the Georgia Capitol

Last Tuesday, March 26th, Ann-Margaret Perkins, Jason Perkins, and Travis Studdard served as Georgia Trial Lawyers Association’s Lawyers for the Day at the Georgia Capitol. The Lawyer of the Day program provides a presence for GTLA at the Capitol.  It allows lawyers to meet with their senators and representatives during the session to discuss issues and […]

Perkins Studdard Team Members Run the Dixie 200!

On March 22 & 23, Jason Perkins, and Travis Studdard ran The Dixie 200 as part of a 10 person relay team.  This 207 mile, overnight relay began near Atlanta, Georgia & finished near Birmingham, Alabama. That’s over 200 miles in 2 days & 2 time zones! Their team finished 6th out of 15 teams overall with a total […]